Capricorns selfish,social climbers,stingy,users???

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Do you sound like a typical Aqua to date him?
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male from King Of December

Most people strive to achieve balance wi

Like the song by Kanye West... he's screaming runaway as fast as yoooouuuu caaaaaan!
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but is this how most young immature caps act??Just very selfish and self centered.
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47 years old female from Small Town, USA  

Sun: Cap Rising: Scorpio Mercury: Capr

Dump him. NOW Damn it!!

Please re-read what you posted and imagine it was written by someone else. What advice would you give to that person. He's not a good person, has a lack of character and is definitely a user. You can do SOOOO much better! He's not worth your time!

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I wish I could just runbuy its hard when there are feelings involved.Now he's giving me silent treatment,not contacting me and it really annoys me.I've just stopped contacting him because I shouldn't be doing all the work.if he truly cares for me he'll reach out.God all of this is so awful
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Posted by msmarilynmanson
He's selfish.Never cares about whats going on with me and talks to me on his time.
i always pay for him all the time.
that he wishes he didnt know me so he could rape me and he wants to tie me up and hurt me/abuse me

You should send him a thank you note for not contacting you, jeeezus!!

Haha,but the rape part is just a fantasy. :-/
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from Lib/Sag/Aqua  

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from Lib/Sag/Aqua  

Oh, hell no.

No. No. No.

Back away from the psychopath.
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from Lib/Sag/Aqua  

And no...

I don't know from what rathole you picked this cat up, but I assure you, this is not typical of Capricorns...or anyone else who wouldn't be featured on To Catch A Predator.

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female from the Sky Village

Rocky Mountains

this sounds like a load of bullbutter.

but just in case it isn't... lol... did you bump your head darlin??? wtf? drop this zero and dont make me say it again.
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42 years old

Get away from this guy asap.... I agree with the others, he is BAD news.
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Cap Sun, Libra MOOOOOO, Cancer Rising


This man sounds horrible, and yes, I read what he said he wanted to do to you in that other post. You deserve much better. **HUGS**

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