9/26/2012 8:33:30 PM | More

21 years old male from NEW YORK

Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Sun Aries

WE both are very much known to be a smart ass so i dont know \_(0_o)_/
9/26/2012 8:48:31 PM | More

As long as yall dont direct that energy towards eachother yall should be just fine.
9/27/2012 10:00:27 AM | More

35 years old female from Right here, Right now  

Fierce mild.

Two of my closest friends are Aries. A male and a female. We're quite similar... get along famously. Never dated one, but I'd certainly not be against it if these 2 are anything to go by.

Will say, we tend to bring out both the best and worst qualities in each other. It works in our dynamic, but could see that being a detriment in a romantic relationship.
9/28/2012 9:33:02 AM | More

47 years old female from Small Town, USA  

Sun: Cap Rising: Scorpio Mercury: Capr

As long as Aries isn't too bossy, I get along with them. However, when they are bossy, we clash. And they can be hot headed and lose their cool in an instant. I don't understand how they can lose control like that and it embarrasses me if it's in public (even if its not directed at me). But, they are fun and the humor is pretty similar. They are generous, giving people and all the ones I know have good work ethic - I respect that!
9/28/2012 10:01:33 AM | More

35 years old female from Right here, Right now  

Fierce mild.

Personally, I like the fire sign temper style. It seems to be pretty flash, bang and then over. As someone who's been known to hold a grudge or two, their way seems much healthier.
9/28/2012 10:38:05 AM | More

Im actually like that in a way. I dont lose my cool, but if I need to get something off my chest I will, and then I expect or hope for things to go back to normal...

Thats what I like about Aries. Thet let off that steam and they seem to be done with it. You know where they stand, and what they are about and thats that.

4/28/2013 6:11:35 PM | More

female from the Sky Village

Rocky Mountains

i like the aries peeps that i know. though my aries guy friend has royally pissed me off and i'm coming to find that he's a chronic train wreck and will only ever bring drama into my life. so i'm keeping my distance from that one. sucks because i think he's cool, but things always seem to turn stupid when we hang out. many times a lot of fun! but after the fun wears off, things get dumb. he doesnt know his own limitations. he over does things all the time.

i digress.. i adore aries women. many times that i meet a really cool chick that i get along great with... i come to find she is aries. they are fun, sweet, and energetic.

the guys... there's always some tension due to attraction. i love aries aura though. love it.
4/28/2013 7:13:10 PM | More

18 years old female

Western astrology: Sun-Capricorn. Moon-G

YES. I love Aries, never had a problem with one.
4/29/2013 3:54:28 AM | More

As a Virgo I get along with both Aries and Cap.

A male Aries I know claims his cap mum to be evil, he said she manipulate him to do things and made it look like its his idea. She crushes his dreams and life.

I've never met his mum but he seems to be a momma boy somehow.. Even he calls her a cookiemonster all the time..
4/29/2013 4:11:02 AM | More

Aries mom and Aries Brother here. With Leo and Saggittarius Ascendant. Both with alot of aries planets. I has no opinion in that house, too many egos. Father taurus with alot of Leo Planets and Ascendant.

When their (aries sun) main concern is about money just get away.

But I have alot of Aries myself and my love one has Aries Ascendant.
4/29/2013 5:08:11 AM | More

28 years old male

Sun Cap, Moon Cancer, Venus Sag

I get along really well with most Aries women. No idea about the men. There is always this open, enthusiastic energy. It can be hilarious to see them getting worked up over something. Too cute most of the time.

Three of my female friends are Aries. For some reason there are always good vibes but never really any sexual attraction. All three of them are short, not skinny and have really bright eyes. Drives most guys wild.

4/30/2013 9:07:26 AM | More

47 years old female from Small Town, USA  

Sun: Cap Rising: Scorpio Mercury: Capr

Posted by SirB
Posted by Mixtape
Posted by SirB
I'll become an alcoholic or heroin addict if i ever date another Aries female again.

laugh out loud.

not really.

My swigga where have you been? And yes.. you can get along. It's not like sign alone determines the person to a T.

Sup son. You good? I've been busy with know how that goes my main sht stain.

Laugh Out Loud at Aries & Capricorns. Both are too competitive.

Aries: Hare
Capricorns: Tortoise

Hare = flash and dash, attention seeking and always has a, "must win" mentality.
Tortoise = Slow and steady, boring and fickle. Always has a, "must win" mentality but does it with grace and accepts losing with grace.

Forget romantic involvement. This pairing never really works. Aries needs the Leo. Let them combine their egos and let them blow up the planet.

I like this analogy.
4/30/2013 9:09:13 AM | More

47 years old female from Small Town, USA  

Sun: Cap Rising: Scorpio Mercury: Capr

Aries - Demands to do it only their way. Its a their way or the highway. Not open for discussion.
Capricorn - WILL only do it their way. Open to suggestions, but will do it their way regardless.

Its a clash for control. Whoever's the most stubborn "wins" while both lose.
4/30/2013 9:11:28 AM | More

47 years old female from Small Town, USA  

Sun: Cap Rising: Scorpio Mercury: Capr

Oh, well, they will understand and respect each other, but the battle for control will prevent them from being a happy couple.

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