How far will a Capricorn guy go??

5/28/2012 7:36:01 AM
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If u r in the early stages of a romantic relationship where u r feeling someone out and u know the feeling is mutual but then u suspect Ur other half is purposely ingoring u or giving u the silent treatment... Would u just follow along and ignore them and give them the silent treatment? And how far would u go?

Would there be a point where u would be u know what I like this person... I'll just message them...

And do u reckon Capricorn men play the mind games more than the women?

And last but not least... R Capricorn women more comfortable and open with sharing their feelings with their other love??
5/28/2012 7:55:32 AM
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I think women are by default more ready to communicate feelings.

My impression is for Cap men distance relationships do not work and they just would not see them as an option and would not let them develop. I am an aries woman and frackly I would not start a distance relationship myself unless there is a clear and forthcoming prospect of us living in the same place.
6/6/2012 5:15:25 AM
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Agree with what Arianna & wounded leo said. Don't bother yourselves thinking what he's thinking
If he likes you (think tht you're worth) eventually he will come back to you. Just enjoy your life, be cool and please
do not get affected by his absence. Capricorn man tends to be aloof.

However, once you gain his TRUST, believe me you'll be the happiest lady. Buat yeah, do give them space.
You can read what MOJOJO write about Capricorn Guy. His insight absolutely correct!

Many love from Pisces..
6/6/2012 7:21:56 AM
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Thanks for Ur opinions everyone. Yup it's certainly confusing when My capguy is polite enough to ask if he can message me at work to discuss about hardships etc he experienced lately or that day and then bam, over 2 months I have not messaged him n it's still dead silence... Anyways i'm goin overseas to his country to catch up with family and at the moment I have no intention of letting him know. Our mutual friend can let him know "oh hey did u know she's here" and if it comes to him suddenly wanting to go out... I feel like saying "NO" and simply tell him to figure out why.
At the moment just living my life and trying to enjoy every 2nd of it
6/6/2012 8:23:11 AM
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47 years old female from Small Town, USA  Sun: Cap Rising: Scorpio Mercury: Capricorn Venus: Scorpio Mars: Aquarius J

Posted by capgirl75
If I haven't talked to someone in two months, it is unlikely that I would ever talk to them again unless they contacted me.
If a person were to contact me, and it was someone I had cared about, I would not be able to turn them away. I would at least talk to them. If it were a person I wasn't too crazy about, I'd probably just ignore them.

If it were someone I cared about, NO WAY could I go 2 months without talking to them. If someone disappeared, after a couple of days I'd try to contact them, and I would persist a few times, but if I didn't hear from them, or I didn't hear what I wanted to, I'd give up. My pride will not let me beg someone to talk to me.

I agree!!!