How to Cheer Up a Capricorn?

from Aries in Wonderland •
Say you've been getting a sad vibe from a capricorn ... how do you cheer them up from far away? And I am saying from far away because I like to give them space ...

Any ideas?

There is no game playing here ... just sincre and want to cheer them up ...

male from The Netherlands, Europe •
"Archaeologist "
Leave him alone.

They like inspirational qoutes/CDs, etc. Send it to them. Anything that sounds self-motivational without sounding preachy. Sex also works LOL!
male from The Netherlands, Europe •
"Archaeologist "
Its not different per se, since oxlostxo hasn't mentioned with any clarity the cause of his state, you and I my friend are equally right or wrong.
Don't contact him at all.
female from Middle of Nowhere, By way of Los Angleles., Oh, did I mention, Im a Scorpio... •
Posted by amethyst2002
Give him a bj.


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