Ways 2Get A Cappy Man To Verbally Express Feelings

I think I'm feed up with my Cappy friend. I'm not sure what to do but I can't go on any longer constantly exposing my feelings to get nothing in return. Capricorm men are so dam confusing and cold as ice. When we was making love I told him I love him approximately 5 times and he just stared at me looking into my eyes and started kissing me. What the hell is that! I'm not expecting him to say I love you! But say something! The only real emotions I get from him is when he's making love to me. I cannot take it, it's really eating me up. We he miss me I can tell because we will have long conversations on the phone. Do you think if I stop verbally expressing my feelings towards him he will open up?
GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *tossing up hands and railing at the gods*
Madam, I say this because tis brutal honesty. You cannot, repeat, CANNOT, "make" or "get" someone to express something they do not want too. This isn't a Capricorn issue, this is a human issue. You cannot force someone to feel something they do not. As a matter of fact, the more you push in that direction, the more someone else wants to head for the hills.
And you need to have a talk to the man. Not to a message board. With HIM. And please, for the love of GOD, have more pride in yourself than being a convenient penis holster.
There are no magical catch phrases to 'snag' anyone. It all goes on chemistry, desire, coupled with brains, a willingness to meet on all levels and a good slurry of damned fine luck tossed in. I don't care if you're Cap, Pisces, Leo, Aries, all twelve signs lined up cheek to jowl. This is between YOU and HIM. Take all your issues, all your questions, and present them to the man in question. See where he stands. And if it isn't beside YOU, tell him to take a damned WALK.
Plain and simple.
Posted by Lancer
Perhaps he just like you for sex ? Has that never actually crossed your mind ?
You gave me a good laugh!!! Think about more reason & respond.Thanks I will keep this thought in mind!
Posted by TasteOfChaos
Oh dear lord!

He doesn't love you!

How embarrassing! I can't believe you said it to him 5 times and he didn't say it back!


He won't miss you... He will miss the regular sex

How can you not see this?

This has got to be a joke!! It has to be!!
I almost don't care anymore!!! Where did I say he love me!!!
Posted by Lancer
Its simple . I can destroy your confusion here and now . Its going to be either A OR B .

A . He likes the sex you provide him and doesn't want to get involved any further , and will most likely ignore you if you refuse sex .


B. He actually likes you but is inable or uncomfortable with emotions ( cap trait)and has fear of closeness probably from past hurt.

suggestion: Refuse him sex but still be loving and say you miss him and see what happens .

If his attitude drastically changes and he becomes colder or tries to ignore you then you know its A. If he somehow still has interest and wants to be with you then it could be B .

If it is B then he trully does have a emotional block and is not really a marker like we think .

As in he truly does have problem expressing emotions and can only express it genuienly during sex . If this is true then you can't really fault him.

FINALLY : If it is B. I don't know what to say . Because csps are not known to be emotional and expressive in an emotional sense . I read they express love in a purely phyiscal way hence the reason he can only seem to emotional during sex. At this point you either have patience and be yourself till the end OR you find a more suitable partner (emotional and trusting).

Well it's B then, because I've held back sex many of times. Sometime for 3 months and when I do that he do show me he really mis me by his actions. He still won't verbally say anything except I mis you. This is just nerve racking. If I knew exactly how long it take them, then I could take it or leave it. But everybody is different. My patience might be running out.
There should be a option C
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