Does this Capricorn man really love me?

So I've been dating this Capricorn man for 2 months now, and before he asked me out we were getting to know each other for about 2 months.

The night he asked me out, he told me he loved me, which came as a huge shock to me. Do people really say they love a person so fast? Before that night, he was a little reserved, and only showed me affection like that when he was under the influence.

As a Scorpio, sometimes I tend to get insecure by some of his actions. He isn't much of caller, and he doesn't really ask to hang out with me much either, he prefers people ask him instead. He also likes his personal space from time to time, and enjoys spending time with his friends, which I have no problem with, I'm basically the same way. Though sometimes I take all this as a sign that even though he's with me, he's not all that interested.

He insists that he knows me like the back of his hand, and I'm starting to think he actually does. About a week ago, I had a negative spell. He said he was going to call me back, and he didn't. There I was thinking, "he really doesn't want to talk to me, I'm just a nag, a little girl chasing him around all the time." Later that night, I'm at a local fast food restaurant with friends, playing a game of pool. I'm there all upset, still being negative, and then he shows up. In a matter of 5 minutes, he realizes I was worrying about something, insists I tell him, figures it out, and dissolves my worries. He said, "You're worrying because I didn't call you back right? Well, I ran out of credit, here, listen to my phone balance."

Also, a couple days ago, once again I was being negative. I thought, "I'm not gonna call him, he never calls me, if he wants to talk to me or see me he'll call himself." Talking with a friend about this, in the middle of that conversation, he calls. He says, "Hey, I'm just calling to check on you. I'm not really much of a caller but I know how you are sometimes. I just didn't want you to feel bad." I needed that.
I also don't think I actually really like him, he always tells me "You feel sorry for me" or "I'm just a loser." Is this a Cap thing? I'll tell him repeatedly that this isn't the case, but he just doesn't seem to believe me. He also says stuff like, "you feel sorry for me, and you're always counseling me."

I said to him, "Firstly, I don't feel sorry for you, and how do I counsel you? You barely tell me anything." His response was "You just being here and looking at me is counselling me."

He also told me he doesn't want to get married, EVER, and doesn't want to have chiildren. At first it bothered me a bit that he didn't want to get married, but I'm trying to accept him for who he is, and trying to understand how he feels about certain things. I'm enjoying the present, not worrying about the future.
Well first off, hello! .

Capricorn a are solely based around honesty and emotions. We will not mess with your head. It may seem like we are but in all reality we are just putting up our guard. We can be very reserved in new relationships because of this. We don't trust anybody upfront. Our emotions are our most prized possessions. Once we open up to you about that, then you can bet we truly trust you.

As far as him being somewhat "distant" is all in the emotions also. He doesn't want to seem to needy, or desperate. He probably thinks about you 24/7, but is he going to show that? No. Not until he full on trusts you. Don't take it offensively though, we just take a little more time to come out of our shell. When we do though, be prepared for an enormous amount of love and faithfulness.

We are a sole believer in, "less talk, more action." With that being said, in the beginning Capricorn will more so show you how they feel, then really express it emotionally.

Hope this somewhat helped.

And the marriage thing is solely a guy speaking. Any guy, in any sign is reserved about that. . Capricorn a WANT to settle down. They love the comfort of settling. With the right person, that is all they will ever want
He really confuses me at times. The first night he asked me out, we got pretty heated and almost had sex. He wanted to, and I didn't. Now he's willing to wait and says stuff like, "You're not ready for that' or "you're TOO special". Even when we tried a couple nights ago, he didn't want to continue because he "didn't want to hurt me". (virgin)

He also said he doesn't get jealous, and doesn't tell me his problems, but expects me to tell him mine. He worries more about me than himself at times.

He's also lowered his guard a bit. Before, he always seemed so cheerful, but now, he tell me that something is on his mind or bothering him, but won't necessarily tell me what. But recently he has been a bit.

But to stop rambling, my main question is, do you think this man truly has feelings for me, or "loves me" as he says? Or should I be catious?
Sorry for the third string of comments but him asking you those questions is a test to see who you are. If you overreact to those questions then he will feel very humiliated. Reassure him in a positive way, through your actions that he is good enough for you. Don't counsel him. Do not tell him what to do. Capricorns don't like that. They need a patient, upbeat, honest, and lively person. Stick to your word and feelings and he will mesh right in.
That really helped capricorngirl939, thanks for replying so fast!
Capricorn LOVES to hear about other people's problems. We are helpers. We like to help people through their emotions. We kind of contradict ourselves there because we do not like our emotions being brought up. It doesn't seem that important to us.

I think he has feelings for you. I do. I just think you need to be wary of who he is. He has a huge heart as a Capricorn. He does find you special if he says he is willing to wait. Don't force anything emotional onto him. He will take it as an offense and a turn off. If you need a partner that immediately opens up to you about everything, then capricorn is not for you. We are reserved people. We go at our own pace. When its rushed, we get more emotional.

If you're willing to wait it out then a Capricorn is great. Once we open up to you and you give us that feeling of safety, then you can guarantee a safe relationship. We will take time though to show you our true side. Refrain from judgement and rushing.

Just remember capricorn are all about emotion!

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I thought you said you didn't like him?

I is cunfuzed!
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You are a trooper truecap. I love how you try to help.
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Posted by aquapiscescusp
You are a trooper truecap. I love how you try to help.

Thanks! I try.
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truecaptroops ~ that's a good name for you
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