Blood in my dreams

I keep dreaming of blood. Yesterday it was on me. A couple of nights ago it was on my sheets????
My dreams are so bloody lately... also dreaming a lot of water.

I don't think it's a bad thing though. Where's the blood coming from?
'BLOOD represents energy and "life force." Loss of blood in a dream implies that some person, situation, or relationship is creating a very real drain on your energy. The vividness of the dream suggests this is more than mere "tiredness" but is an actual loss of your vitality. For women it is common to dream of blood during the onset of the menstrual period. It is also common to dream of a wound that causes excessive blood loss after an emotionally trying time or a romantic break up. In response to this imagery, it is wise to limit activities that drain you as much as possible, and seek out people activities and studies that "feed you" or give you a sense of being restored. If you are emerging from a severe crisis or a problem of long duration it will likely require some time to restore your energies. Be disciplined with your program of restoration, and it will be successful.'
I was bleeding as in like my period. In my dream I had blood just running down my legs! It was awful. Then I had another dream and there was blood all over my sheets! Thank you Mystic Fish. I agree with your input. It was a little bit of both. I have the hardest time getting over someone I loved, or love. I was also 2 weeks late, but the period finally came around. If I could just get over him...
No problem,'s never easy when you love so strongly, but then, when it 'is right', what could be more rewarding. 'much luck to you in your future, hope you find 'The One' ...'he's out there somewhere, you just haven't met him yet.'
I hope he's out there somewhere Thanks for sparking hope in me again.

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