Fashion and Pain

Last Halloween I dressed as Michael Jackson, LoL. I had on a corset type body suit. When I went to the bathroom, boy oh boy did I have a hard time. It was a costume and it was done for fun. I enjoy comfort on a regular basis. Although, my hair, it takes a beating, LoL
^^^^^^Of course she can, right? I guess that she just had to have everything tucked and tailored to the T. She looks good though, but she also looks like she is in pain. Like she is about to tilt over.
Shes a celebrity. Its a fashion event. The paps expect pictures. Foolish fashion choice IMO. I would NOT suffer for the sake of fashion but I'm a practical person. I like to look nice but I like to feel better even more Nothing tops looking AND feeling great! and Beyonce can certainly afford to do both simultaneously.
LoL, silent tears, hahaha! I don't do it. I need complete and total comfort when it comes to shoes. If a pair of shoes even look like they're going to hurt my feet, I will not buy them. Now I like to slip in some Dr. Scholl's if the need be. I wear heels all of the time. I MUST be able to walk all day in them. But yes us women do vicitimize ourselves. A woman can't help themselves when it comes to cute shoes.
I've done it before and I will do it again!

When I try some shoes on in the store and walk a few steps it feels fine and comfortable (and they look sooo nice). Then after I buy them and go out with them the reality sets in but it's too late. People think I love the latest fashion so much that I don't wear the same thing twice but the truth is it's just not physically possible lol - Occasionally I will delude myself into thinking maybe I broke the shoes in and end up with another day of silent tears on the inside.

It looks as though her body was melted and then poured into a mold, LoL. She could barely move. The dress is gorgeous though. Except for the breast cut-out area.
BTW, how hard of a time do you think that she had going to the restroom? She probably held it.
So, pop star Beyonce gets booed at the 2011 Met Gala because she didn't walk over to pose for photographers. She could barely walk for pete's sake! Her dress was too damn tight. She had to wobble up what seemed like a thousand stairs while wearing a too tight Pucci gown.


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The question is, do/would you suffer for fashion? Are you a willing victim of shoeicide?

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