3D cakes

Another deep bow wow and the blanket awesome Nice stuff VB.
The Bum Cake has the "F" word on it. Yea or Nay on posting it?

I hafta say, i'm a little disappointed. The crispy treats seemed proper smoothed out until i applied the fondant. Even after rolling it out thicker and trying to smooth it, i still came out with cellulite.

They seemed pleased tho. MF'n Lee is the birthday boy's bar nickname. I delivered the cake and everyone at the party has on "Hello My Name is..." tags and they all read MF'n this person and MF'n that. Pretty funny.
can anybody see it? it worked in the preview screen.
I can't see it.
^ 1+
I like it! LOL Cheeky panties FTW.
Mudder treetrunking lmao.
Thanks to dxp, "treetrunking" has entered my lexicon. There was a brief moment where I thought, "there's no way I'm gonna get all that on the cake".
LOL "By the grace of God and these 10 fingers...I have made..CAKE!"
So I have people asking for business cards now. Huzzah!
Whooohoooooo!!! Sic 'em Killer!
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