Are Geminis good lovers?

They can be. Unfortunately, the one I had stunk 100%. I took it as bad luck.
Not all geminis are the same, so it really depends. But know not to do geminis wrong because they will never look back.
I think Geminis are very passionate, they are great kissers. Their love making is very instense and they have great hands.
I think Geminis are very passionate, they are great kissers. Their love making is very intense and they have great hands. How can you resist their charm.
The secret to getting to a geminis heart is to satisfy her mentally. A gemini loves intense passion, it's more of a mind game that turns us on. It's sort of like foreplay for us. You know, the intense eye contact, gentleness, listening, having a conversation and weeks later he quotes certain important things you said. (Absolutely no pick-lines!!!!) In this case a gemini can be one of the best lovers.
is this true for gemini guys? particularly the bit about remembering bits of stuff they've said...actually, this has worked for me...i just want to clarify..
I don't think gem's like when your staring at them...they feel clostrophobic....we do like mental stimulation ...and we can be definitely into oral stimulation as well...foreplay is always good...gemin's are more into foreplay ..because if the foreplay is good than the sex is going to be off the hook......!!!! and trust me it is worth it....sensually we like to surprise and be romantic as well...definitely the rose petal trail to the bathroom with a tub of floating candles and the trail of petal to the bed with the music ON! and the lights can be down low (usually after 8pm...dim the light's for your gem and they will love you helps ease the constantly moving mind)..and in the evening you want the mind to be focused on you..bright lights distracts and causes a headache and annoying could prevent...sometimes we don't realize...but lighting is EVERYTHING when it comes to gem moods in the evening....we like afternoon sex as well...the day light can be won't forget your gemini lover......have fun...lot's of fun!!!
Absolutely! No doubt!!
Everybody needs to stop frontin cause they know Geminis got the biggest dicks. They say a man who talks about his d*** size is small. That is true, only for 11/12 signs. Maybe givin some props to the Scorpio macks so make that 10/12
Are Gemini's good lovers ain't the question, can you stand being loved by a gemini is the question. Because we got it going on, no doubt!!! And if you got the right kind of lips as a gemini, then you ballin'!!! All signs have different affections of speaking up, but when you want to be informed about Gemini's, I am a Gemini and I know exactly what to do!! PEACE!!

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