Are gemini men dating material?

I ask this because based on my own experience.. gemini men are just big players... One moment so into you... next thing you now .. they wont communicate, they need their time, dont include you in their activities, tell you they want you when they want , ignore your needs , never really listens to you ( just what is convinient to them) , oversexual partners!!! not that is bad but they lack romanticism a lot!!!! ( I am a cancer I need romance) I dated one, he broke my heart and destroy my hope in men... and he stills calls me!!! because he says he misses our "relationship" when he made sure in the past we didnt go more than "casual encounters". I dont know if i should believe he changed for good, that he wants a chance to gain me back. he was two-faced with me before... why should I believe him this time?
To know us is to truly love us.

If we shut down, it's because there's something that says: "You're not the 'one'." Tis true m'lady. I've never met a Gemini player. Virgos, Cancers, Capricorns, Pisceans, Scorps, Absolutely. I mean look at how treetrunked up their compatible women are. Gems??? The women that Gemini men are compatible with are some badass, tough as nails broads that will kick some ass back to back with us when the time is comes. However, we'll see YOUR game if you aren't sincere and play the same game as you without telling you. Thus, the player might be inclined to call the 'player' a 'player'. You asked. If that's truly you in that photo, then, I wouldn't trust you either! LOL! I mean no disrespect but, you do look like a girl that has men all over you all the time. Uh....we don't like that. Gemini men tend to like real women. We, are very masculine folk who need women that can stand us without wondering. Which is why we tend to go for the Aries chicks. Those crazy cookiemonsteres are down for us as we are for them! Fo Sho!! God, how I love them so. Oye ve! LOL! Ok, I'm typsy, so what! Had a great night and a great start to the morning. Peace to all!!

"Tbh though I am not into aries men. They just have a bit of logic missing there from time to time.. :/"

I can dig it Lauren about the Aries guys. I was just talking about the girls. Aries women tend to be stronger than the men from MY experience. But, don't worry! I'll speak about the "other" signs for you!!! LOL! I lie on no one. Not even myself! LOL

Oh, btw...I LOVE YOU LAUREN!!!

I love my gemini husband! He does have his issues but hey...who doesnt?
i dont think all gemini guys are like this... but this is my experience. I am so attracted to a Pisces that won't call and this Gemini that played with me in the past is constantly calling me now.I just wonder if I should believe him... i dont think he thinks i am "the one" , but i think he just wants to go back to his old games w:he just booty calls me all the time and that upsets me... and i think i deserve better! And I knwo cancer girls might be a little clingy or demanding... but i was never demanding with him even when he said he loved me ( after a few days of hanging out) I just think he is the kind of guy that like to romance girls ( with his awesome personality and charm) and have them as a backup when he gets bored.
you think Lauren?? sorry i will change if i offend people with it .. no biggie
A cancer girl ... Not a good math accordig the stars but I never let this rule my relationships...
Of course you shouldn't allow the stars to rule out a relationship, but it's also a matter of how you look at the guy. If the seems like a player, feels like a player, and EXUDES PLAYER, more than likely he is one. But this goes for any sign. Cancers and gems probably don't work, but that doesn't mean give up. If there is a guy that treats you better than this gem and you feel better about him, then pursue him; don't worry about the gem guy. Don't worry about other gem guys being the same. I felt the same way as you and chose to avoid gems. But like any sign, they can be misunderstood. That doesn't exempt gem players, but that's just them.

Also, you're gorgeous. You'll find a better guy in no time.
Lauren, if that is you, you're also super pretty

And I completely. So many times will people avoid happiness because they aren't sure of what they want. I should know...
Shoulda known you were a fox Lauren. That's a good thing by the way.


You're a fox too!! Ha Ha!!


I think the 'chasing' thing usually happens to the female Gemini. Or maybe that's what MOST women are doing regardless of sign. The reason for this (in my humble opinion) is because society has really screwed up the female head. People are so confused from all of the advertising and marketing. Think about it, what women today want is usually unatainable. For the male Gemini (at least for myself) I am just a happy mofo!! For me, I find happiness when I look at my passport and think of all the beautiful people that I've met all over the world. Finding happiness is so easy! All you got to do is actually find freedom, from there you'll find happiness. Just my thoughts.

The worst thing for a Gemini m/f is stagnation!!!!! We are like sharks, if we stop swimming we die, spiritually and mentally. It's a horrifying prospect indeed. Find something fun to do, love yourself, seek out stimulation through conversations, and don't be a prisoner in your own mind.

Winewaux, when you say that 'it' changes daily. It kind of sounds like you are in a really big house that has many rooms. Each room has a different theme. When you want to change it you just move to a different room. To have rooms you must have walls. Think about it, you are living in a personal, self built prison. Knock down the walls and from there the whole world opens up.

I will say this: Air gives Water it's power. I've learned that with my Piscean girlfriend. She's always saying that she's never had more fun and excitement in her life than with me. And she was married to a Cancer for 18 years. I can tell you how the Pisces/Cancer relationship will end. It almost always ends the same.

Much Love & Respect,

GM I think you are right I think I have much more fun staying at home than doing exciting things!! Thats what I admire about Gems but I never agree with them... I guess I am a little more into the boring side
Posted by lichii
GM I think you are right I think I have much more fun staying at home than doing exciting things!! Thats what I admire about Gems but I never agree with them... I guess I am a little more into the boring side

I have a Taurus moon and Venus in Taurus, so I might be a bit more of a Earth-based Gem In I. Staying at home can be fun for me as well.

I did try dating a Cancer girl once, but the split wasn't about communication or lack thereof, that part was wonderful. She was a psychiatrist. The problem was sexual clinginess. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had to be constantly emotionally stroked. The basis of her emotions were in the realm of fear. And I mean fear of everything!!! Fear of confidence, outdoors, thinkers, rejection, you name it.

Gems can detect insecurity a mile away. If you aren't strong then we start the infamous Gemini test(s). I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. Ha Ha!! Never show that dude weakness or he will start playing because he's bored. But you are very beautiful so he'll try to find a reason to stay.

Gemini men like things that bring value to the table. You know, something that we can actually touch. Find out what his interests are, ask him questions and let him talk. He'll never shutup so you don't have to worry about information. From there he'll love you, for you showed him appreciation by giving a damn about his interests. APPRECIATION IS WHAT ALL GEMINI'S SEEK!! Make sense?

A beautiful and attractive woman.


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