Friday Drunks

Wtf is this? Breakup Central? Too many broken hearts today! Lets drown our sorrows in alcohol and/or drugs and make some terrible life decissions.
This is a mandatory event.
Posted by CapMusicc
Can I drink just because? However, you're gonna have to buy me a few drinks.. I'm broke. LOL

Here you go CapMusicc, first couple of rounds are on me!!!

funny gifs
Posted by msmarilynmanson

Wow, I wonder how many amatuers are gonna be competing with the real deal. Either way it would definitely be a good show to go to. What city is this? I'm too lazy to do an area code search.
Dimplez on me! Capmusic I got you! Just take this little pink pill first muhahah
Sag, we need YOU in a wet tshirt, Marilyn i take it you will be doing the stripping tonight? Yes? Yes!

Good job girls I lile the enthusiasm!! Now lets see dat azz clap!
Cuspy I see you girl!
Did you medicate your Chinaman yet?
lmao why do i find that so funny?
im burnin wax on top of green. its bomb
Haha put me in check??? Whaaaat?
Nah that was my idea bc i know she doesnt smoke. + shes not here this weekend soo.. Lol

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