Gemini and Virgo, is it a good match?

Hello I am a gemini girl and talking to a virgo guy recently. While I have no problem talking to him (but then most times I don't have any trouble with talking to any one... except a cancer guy I am quite into at the moment lol I am just going on dates with other guys, though, just till things become serious with any of those guys) and it is apparent that the virgo guy is interested in me, the more I talk to this guy, the more I get a feeling that we are going to have lots of verbal arguments (or fights? lol) in the future should we push things further.

I don't know, I am gemini-cancer cusp, have gemini mercury, generally really love chatting with people and while I had a great time conversing with my ex who was an aquarius man, with this virgo guy I feel something is off despite we talk and talk non stop. I kinda got a feeling that rather this virgo guy accepts the differences in views between us, he tries to convince me and that bothers me a bit. Not really doing it on purpose but with my aqua ex, we just accepted each others' differences, compromised and moved on, it was more about learning a different point of view and aspects of things from each other, not about convincing or persuading the other party.

As I have never dated a virgo, and while I am aware that astrology is just a part, not a determinator factor for any compatible relationships, am just wondering, in general, is gemini and virgo a good match?

Thank you in advance for your inputs
27 years old female from Portugal •