Gemini man Libra woman???

OMG I think I have fallen in love! Well obviously not love but the connection is amazing. All I ever hear is that Libra should be with Aquarius and I've tried them out and I had a good connection but nothing compared to what I have with this Gemini. I can just sit and banter with him all day without getting too deep (which always happens with aqua's) he's so witty and charming and for once someone completely gets my humour

I have always been attracted to Gemini men that I see in the media, even before I was into astrology, they just have something about them and I find their eyes amazing! But for some reason the only Gem guy I knew (until now) is my brother, obviously we have a laugh together but as he's my brother so never thought about that being the sort of person that I should be with.

So was thinking why does no sites ever seem to rave about this pairing? Theres always a mention that the two can work well as its both air, but thats usually a small section undernath 50 pages of why I should be with an Aqua lol.

So is there usually some bad side to this pairing that I'm missing??? Or that comes along later? I know that Gemini are meant to bore easily and find it hard to stay with one partner and Libra's are relationshippy so could see that being an issue.
@noosiekins always nice to hear a success story Most Gems I have come across, are NEVER WRONG even when they are lol but i suppose with a Libra they are sometimes willing to back down to keep the peace and have a way of talking things round so that everyone can be right!

I think your right anna I see this being my great summer fling with the Gemini that I tell the grand kids about one day haha. We dont even class what were doing as dating so it's definately the no label path we're going down. But right now all i want is to have a laugh and hang out with someone who I get on with. If it works out great if not, no harm done.

Seems a shame though that it's so hard for two people who get on so well to make it last forever..
So theres hope yet then! Well I seem to have caught his attention he's always the initiator, so now just have to see how long I can keep him amused for!
I know of 2 couples of this pairing lasting for more than 20 years, so I don't know why people are saying that it never lasts. Maybe the people that say things like that hasn't had that much "EXPERIENCE" with pepole, because they are still too young to have those experiences. Maybe they're going off of heresay and simple astrology? I don't know. Give it time your mind will change, because I think a Gemini man with a Libra woman is a more substantive relationship between Air signs. From what I know of Aqua men, they are true mama's boys, and need a woman with patience and motherly tendencies that will baby them. Over the long haul I can't see a Libra woman putting up with that for too long. A Gemini man will get your teeter tottering ass off of the couch and carry you beyond what you even expect of yourself. Aqua men are way too accommodating for their to be progess and growth in the relationship, whilst a Gemini will tell you like it is and BUILD that Libra woman up. For Aqua men, the best match for them beilieve or not has been Cancer women. I know, right? But, it's true.
Yeah with me I am attracted to Aquas but they just cant fully give me what I need, On an intellectual level I find them amazing to talk to and love to hear their point of view on things but, the lack a closeness which means to me they are best for me to have as just friends.

So guess I'll be hanging out in this forum a bit more now, and all look out for my "Gem broke my heart" thread haha

I know that it seems strange considering I'm a Gemini, and am supposed to be very compatible with Aquas, and there's usually instant connection. I am, from a communicative standpoint. But, the aloofness drives be a bit over the edge. That's just me. I have two Aqua male friends that are married to Cancer women. It works, because the Cancer women are the nurses and the mothers of the zodiac. Nothing is easy though, nor is anything perfect as you know.
We're mutable, so we can do anything, or mutable wouldn't be accurate.
I don't know what you mean by "No match". Match as in a competition, or match as in compatible? Either way, fixed, for all intent's an purposes, is no "Match" for a "Mutable" sign. The only fixed signs that are compatible with a mutable sign would be a Pisces, since they seek out "Security", or a false sense thereof. Mutable signs transform things, whereas a fixed signs is "Stuck". What stuck means to you is on you.
annabeIIsxo, I maintain that you're going off of something that has nothing to do with experience. If I'm wrong then so be it. But, if I'm right, then you just need to keep living.
Furthermore, Gemini's and Aquarians are both "Revolutionaries", history can make cases for that. Also, "Mutable" has nothing to do with "Flexible". Gemini's from my "Experience" are "Flexible". But, I do appreciate the lesson on the origins of words. Has nothing to do with "Experience" in such matters though.
Hmmmm.... What does being in my 40's have to do with what I know? Nothing. Because of the fact that I KNOW I'm a student of life is why I KNOW that when I was in my 20's I thought I knew everything. *Passes the torch*

You don't know what I know, that's all. I'm done talking to you, because your insecurity and sensitivity always shines through with your condescending tone. I don't think you're intelligent, just well read. Big difference. You're right though, you're fixed. You're the only one here thinking that there's a debate, "hon". I was just trying to SHARE experiences with you so that you could grasp a concept. Ho Hum. But, you remind me of my daughter, she thinks that she knows everything too, just because she just learned some new words of the day. I've got one daughter, I don't need another, and for sure am not into raising somebody Else's kids.

Also, to drive a pointless point home is asinine, useless and a waste of time, which is why I would have a hard time dating an Aquarian. SSSSSLOOOOOWWWW. Most of your points are aloof, fruitless, and asinine, which bores me to tears. Sorry, but try a bit of "Fixed" consistency, child. You just don't know what you're talking about, that's it in a nutshell. So there's no communicating with someone that projects knowing everything onto someone else. Look in the mirror, if you can, there you will see someone that thinks that they know everything. All you do is regurgitate words (not your words of course), yet you can't tell of many experiences with PEOPLE. Why? because you don't have many, so for you to post a bunch of run-on sentences with no substance behind them not only is unintelligent, stupid, but consistent with a child that didn't get discipline growing up. I love my Aqua people, but you are not an Aqua in my book. You are inexperienced but think that you are, which makes you dangerously stupid. Sorry, it's true.

You don't know how weak I think Pisces are, or if I think they're weak at all. See, you don't have any experiences with adults, or you'd know to shut up and listen instead of injecting a bunch historical bullbutter that has nothing to do with life, other than to show origins of words and how many of them you know. Who cares other than you? Exactly, nobody. HaHaHa! Get the treetrunk outta here. If you would have asked me a question, then you'd know. Yet, you don't, so you remain ignorant. Typical.

*Flushes the fixed, asinine child down the toilette into the abyss of blocked users"

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