How do you know Gemini woman likes you?

34 years old male from Amsterdam, Netherlands •
I've met this gorgeous Gemini girl just a few days ago when she joined our company on a junior position for a temporary job. She's incredibly beautiful, funny, smart and very outgoing and I liked her from a very first moment we met.

We work in a busy environment what limits a lot but I managed to take some time to show her around and get to know her a bit. I acted confidently, was open and amusing and she responded immediately. During last couple of days we had a few nice talks and it feels like we d know each other for quite some time already, she searches to be around me, searches for eye contact and even asks me out to go for lunch etc.

After these few days I decided I want to move forward with her but for some reason I struggle on being sure whether she sees me as a great friend only or whether she wants me to move forward. I just don't know with this girl and it's depressive. It is an important question for me since we have a non dating policy and any rejection from her might have some consequences for me if uncovered. If she likes me I am able to hide our relationship and don't give a damm about non dating policy then.

So, how do you know Gemini woman likes you?
34 years old male from Amsterdam, Netherlands •
Thanks for your help, thing is, I only met her Monday, 2 days ago, while working in between, so it was very quick so far, as far as it concerns me I was 100 % sure I wanted to go forward, the only thing which held me back is that I can't afford being rejected and this fact eventually going public because of the non dating policy we have, it was my only issue, otherwise I'd moved already Monday, no question. I've been into her from the very first moment. She probably doesn't have a clue about existence of such policy yet.

There's been development this evening we ve been chatting by the bathroom by the end of corridor with nobody around, she reacted well to my naughty comments and I didn't manage to hold myself and pulled her by her hands to me and kissed her spontaneously. She was speechless at first and looked blown away, so my only idea was to kiss her some more, we ended up making out in the bathroom and having a lot of laugh about it subsequently.

That's been all for today, I am so happy I did it because of how it turned out, I am so looking forward to tomorrow.

However I d still appreciate desperately any more comments to my initial question or on the next development since I am acting purely spontaneously now and don't have much of the control yet. I don't want neither to screw it up nor to make her think I want her only as a one night matter.

49 years old male from Llandrindod wells, Powys, Wales •
I know the men will hump your leg but I don't know about the women
34 years old male from Amsterdam, Netherlands •
thanks for your help and for liking us.
1. so sweat, I won't be, on the other I have my head full of her as well right now.
2. I got this, although it's hard because shes really beautiful and I know I will spontaneously press on getting physical with her as soon as possible even if it usually leads her to sober up and be colder subsequently. It's hard to control.
3. well my intension are definitely to start going out with her, is this what I should lay on table explicitly? normally I d make it happen without disclosing my intensions openly, few days later we d find ourselves actually going out.

I will jump in, but to hell with that policy, I broke it already before, what follows is unpleasant meeting with our partners, I am not sure I d managed to talk myself out again, whatever happens, even rejection, I can take it, it's part of life, but need to keep it between us two.

James: obviously she did not hump my leg just yet, although it would certainly make things easier for me.

Mr Nice: and worked for thousands years already, seems then that's how your grandgrand... father was made.
49 years old male from Llandrindod wells, Powys, Wales •
O,K. but I only humped her leg once. that I can remember.
29 years old female from Riverside, California •
Wow....I'm a Gemini and I got excited just reading this story! Libra_man, I can tell you right now....she's totally into you!!!! Do not hesitate. everything that gemtaur said is completely true. Go for it.from the sound of it, it will only get better and more exciting. Since she's a gem, you'll never get bored with her. This is a romantic story. Hurry up and let me know what happens!
34 years old male from Amsterdam, Netherlands •
Thanks for your help and support. Unfortunately I had to spent most of yesterday and today outside the office at client's, so we only met Thursday late evening in the office where I returned impatiently just because I wanted to meet her. I've found her sitting alone in the conference room looking charming, she looked a bit insecure when she saw me, what at the moment made me insecure as well, so I only closed door and kissed her again instead of saying hello. We talked a lot then, it feels like we d known each other for a long time, we are going out on weekend, I told her we need to be subtle because of the non dating policy and she agreed with quite an excitement to play the game, so it's absolutely great. We spent today with texting each other, I won't see her today.

I proposed we meet on Saturday already at 5pm and that she will see later what's the plan, however I said that mainly because I had no clue where I want to go with her yet. In case I d come up with something else than dinner or some evening event I proposed the 5 pm, but I still don't know, for the moment nothing available seems to be good and uncommon at the same time.

Is there some place to go or something to do what d gemini prefer in general on a date?
29 years old female from Riverside, California •
I agree with the picnic idea. It's something unique rather than the common "nice restaurant." a museum would be good or even an amusement park of some kind. I was taken to an amusement park for a first date and it was a blast!!! Just remember not to try too hard. I can usually always tell when a guys is trying to hard. It is the most satisfying thing to see a guy just be himself. That's sexy, and she'll dig you for it
34 years old male from Amsterdam, Netherlands •
Thanks again for these great advices. The Gemini in a nutshell, it's heavy for me. I got it to he computer part and I like it up here, then I struggle a bit. The part with looking over her shoulder / back that means if I am the right man for her she'll be shy at first or something similar? The part with matching her speed and the rest means just to make her fall for me fully at the end?

Thanks for the picnic / amusement park idea, unfortunately was not possible yesterday due to changing weather / unsuitable location, we started with a nice walk by the channel side, then we went for a dinner to one beautiful restaurant, very calm, on piers, with great outlook, incredibly ambient lighting in my opinion and live latin/spanish but ambient band. We ended up in my most favorite bar, I took her to her place by taxi by 5am, then I went home alone with that taxi. We talked hours and hours, she wore incredibly beautiful dress and was extremely charming, I even didn't play anything to get physical with her yet, I just didn't care. Then we texted each other thanking for the evening and I fell asleep in the morning, I woke up in the afternoon.

It was a posh restaurant I took her to, but it didn't seem to be turn off for her. I am four years older, shes temp job because shes got more studies to finish, in one of the best uni worldwide actually, so the difference between me and her might just be that I had for years more to become more senior. I hope it wasn't turn off in any way. She seems to like money but not for gold digger reasons but for practical and down to earth ones, seem the same I have. I will need to examine this more later.

Problem I have is that I am quite unable to read her, from the discussion we had it turns out shes s been way into me from the very very beginning, much like I was, but I just didn't have a clue about it. And the pace, with things we do and say, sometimes I am way ahead and faster than she's comfortable with, sometimes I lack behind her expectations, which I figure out too late, pretty badly. So my empathy capacity doesn't quite work with her yet.

She also seems to be very romantic on one side, but quite devil & profitable on the other one. I will need to probe this later, for now I don't have enough information.
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Posted by gemtaur
LOL This is why I love you all. Nutty Libras.

1- don't be surprised if she's cold(er) tomorrow. she will spend all of tonight analyzing everything to death and become suspcious as to your motivations. it doesn't mean she's not interested, she's just being careful;

2- no more naughty comments; she knows you find her attractive and if you continue focusing on the physical, she will quickly lose interest. gemini women want to be appreciated for mind first and foremost; everything else is secondary;

3- lay it out on the table (without coming off desperate or creepy. you're a libra, you'll find a fine balance) and make your intentions clear to her. if she's interested, she'll be incredibly impressed with your boldness. but if you do this, you have to be sure you don't flake on her later because if you do, she has the potential of turning into your worst nightmare because she will feel as if you have used/taken advantage of her.

you've already made out with her three days in; at this point, i'd say you jump in or jump ship. the company policy is holding you back though, right? you have to talk to her about it. she will understand if she's interested and you can take it from there.

whatever you do, dear libra, DON'T over-analyze this. just go with the flow and she'll follow your lead. if she's interested, she'll be game. if she's not, at least you know now rather than later which is much better for you anyways. i couldn't imagine why though, you sound like a hoot.

i strongly agree with everything you pointed out about the gems. i hate when a male only my looks and only that and might want to take it further while i don't want to. it sickens me,that's a turn off.
34 years old male from Amsterdam, Netherlands •
Thanks a lot for your support. It helped me a lot in times. Everything is absolutely great here. We hit a speed bump last week due to my impatience regarding the frequency and amount of time we were seeing each other (I just wanted to meet her everyday last week disregarding her schedule) but I put myself together in a day and had a grip the day after, she didn't notice much.

We spent the entire weekend together, went out four nights in a row, did a lot of crazy and serious things during the day, and discussed a lot. She is a fast learner and has a great ability to adapt to what I need and like in such a short time and she seems to desperately love to do it, much like I usually do vice versa at the beginning of relationship but haven't seen such a quick and effective approach from a girl yet (hope it makes sense in my English). It feels we have known each other for ages. It can't be much better now.

Thanks for help so far, I might come back here later if there would be another speed bump ahead.

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