How do you make a gemini woman jealous?

Since Gemini's like to flirt alot, would flirting with someone else while their in the room make a Gemini jealous? Please, If you've had any experience in this area could you please comment. I want to make a gemini jealous.
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You flirt with their other half!
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LOL @ eric.

micahh, why on earth would you want to make a gem jealous??
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Posted by GemGal
There are better ways to kick a gemini out of your life.

If you make a gemini woman jealous.. she will go crazy(your fault whatever she does to you) and then she will delete you from her life.

Like she never had any feelings for you.

Dont do it.
Hey Gemgal, that does sound like good advice. I was wondering if you could tell me how I can get a Gemini friend back. I think it was my fault but I don't remember why we fought. I miss her and she was a really good friend to me. We haven't talked to each other for over two months. Can this guy win his gemini friend back?
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Its healthy for Geminis to have jealous streak otherwise they wouldn't be considerate with their partners.
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Making a Gemini jealous is a hard thing, but it can be accomplished. And after she realizes she has grown jealous, she will lash out and push you away because we hate that feeling. It won't end the way you want it to, trust me.
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Games! Don't go there, you won't win.
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Man! All is true. My secretary is a Gem. Don't make a Gemini woman jealous! You will live to regret it! Same with men. We can put finality to a relationship easier than any sign in the zodiac. Thing to remember: They will stop it nothing to get you back just to get even. And believe me. The Gemini mind will be very creative on how to screw your world up. DON'T DO IT!
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Gemini's are very forgiving people though. Will give you the shirt off of our backs. Don't screw us though. We make great friends, but even better enemies.
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Good point!
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I don't disagree with the last part of that .... Gemini's make more enemy's than any other.

In any given social, official or family situation I've encountered ... it's the Gemini who is on the outside, making enemies of the people around them.

In fact, making enemies is likely your strongest attribute.
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Oh P-Angel. Pisces always get us Gems wrong. There is a very good reason why we are misunderstood and complex. Ponder that. If we have enemies we don't know them. Nor would we care. You know this. But, I am curious of your story. What has been your experience with certain Gemini's?
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"Nor would we care"

Which is why they exist in massive quantities for Gemini's .... because most people do care, and so attempt to know, for better relations.

You say the above like a proud badge ... when in reality, it is the reason why you make enemies.

You would say that you don't, it's people who make enemies out of you ... and yet, you are proud that you don't care.

Nobody can make you see any truth in that if you choose not to .... your life, live it, just don't expect anyone to pity you for it.
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You have really got to stop generalizing. I don't understand the hostility.
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Sending a telepathic hug to P-Angel.
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