I must say, Geminis make damn good rappers.

Tupac, Notorius B.I.G., Krayzie Bone, Flesh n Bone, B-real from Cypress Hill, Kanye West, are notable examples. Right now I'm listening to Valley of Chrome by Cypress Hill and it's awesome. You Gems have some tongue acrobatics.
i only know old school rap, for the most part. but i don't know the signs of any of the rappers.

roxanne shante was a scorp.
Big Boi's the Aqua, Andre 3000's the Gemini.
The rappers I named deserve their commercial success, unlike most other commercial rappers.
I'm not surprised....I consider myself a "wordslut". LOL - I mean this in a good way! I love increasing my vocabulary, knowing the roots of words, appreciating brilliant writing. I was a huge fan of Wm. Safire's NY Times column.
Don't ever forget Lauryn Hill. How could you forget Lauryn?

...and Left Eye, R.I.P.
It turns out one of the founding members of Slayer, Kerry King, is a Gem, and by association all Geminis across the world just shot up by at least a million cool points. The other founder, Jeff Hanneman, is a Capricorn, but I've always admired Caps.

Lauryn hill is a cancer...

The user who posted this message has hidden it.

oh, yeah ur right
they did this show on vh1 one day, and they was saying she was a cancer...

or maybe it was moon in cancer...
I love this thread!

I sing and songwrite... I write raps too, but due to my lack of true freestyling abilities I'd never consider myself a rapper lol.

I think its the love of words, and the play on words. I know I love double entendres and any type of diction that makes me think.

Go Gems!
Its due to the Zodiacal Mutability all Mutable signs are like that.
Gemini - Sagittarius both very rapid fire think about Sagittarius rapper Twista again separate platitudes but the similar expression. About your "lack of freestyling abilities" you should go back to the esoterical idea for example you might associate the Aries sign with the lead guitar - Aries plays lead guitar, Gemini does not need to "play" anything physically the Gemini sign does not need to physically play an instrument becoz Gemini can simply "think" about and synthesize any nameable sound at an extraordinarily great speed - 'music plays in the mind' so to speak - again remember that this is an esoterical idea so that you might say that Aries invented Rock and Roll all those dirty front leads especially, when you get to Gemini music becomes absorbed into purely cognitive processes not the impulsive action of objects but instead the impulsive action of the mind.
When you associate rap music with the Gemini sign go back to the esotericism think about rapid fire rappin' in the masculine (aggressive rapid fire masculine vocals) but also including the feminine intonation in the background, its very interesting but not surprising due to the duality of this sign.
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