Marilyn Monroe

Does she represent a lot of Geminis?
I've never seen any of her movies so don't know what she's all about.
I think she lived her life as a dumb blonde on the outside and as a VERY smart lady on the inside = duality

I think she was restless and always searching for something she could never quite grasp. And she had more than one husband - typical of gems.
I do not know much about Judy Garland and Marliyn Monroe except..

Judy was that girl in Wizard of Oz.

Marilyn had a slight relationship with the founder of Satanism. Therefore, was in inspiration of Brian Warner's stage name (Marilyn Manson), her and Charles Manson. And she was created USA's first, ever-so popular, sex-symbol.
And Marilyn "supposed" to have given a President an expensive golden watch.
I'm not sure, nor do I really care.
maybe i should follow marilyns footsteps, except the death
she was lovely,& people were so cruel to her back in her day! Jealousy & betrayal were all around her!
She strived for happiness,& she wanted people to know she wasn't a dumb blonde or just a sex symbol.
Women were way too jealous of her in those days! She just wanted to be loved for who she was!
Very intelligent woman with a great sense of humor,but too bad the world wasn't ready for her in the 50's
& 60's! Some same she wasn't a good woman but I can't believe that.
Angelina Jolie is a Gemini woman whose also very sensual & sexy & many women blame her for
Brad Pitt leaving Jennifer Aniston but the truth is,a man will leave anyway if he's that kind of man!
Angelina didn't cause it. I still believe Angelina never loved any man the way she loved Billy Bob
Thornton,a Leo! Brad is a Sag,close but no cigar!
Marilyn & Joe Dimaggio were going to get back together however,and Joe was a Sag! It's like those fire sign men
really Love us & we really love them,but they must leave the jealousy at the door,because thats what can mess
it up! I wish Angelina & Billy Bob would make up & get back together because she was so happy & alive with him!

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