Sun in Gemini + Virgo moon

What EternalYouthGemini posted is pretty accurate with me too.
I'm Gem with Virgo moon, and Virgo rising.

I am Gemini sun and Virgo moon. I found this and it's pretty accurate.

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign suggests that you are dominated and motivated by intellectual pursuits. The natural tendency of a Gemini Sun to have a bright outlook and a versatile nature, is shaded by the Virgo Moon. You may become carried away by trifles and petty worries. You are moody and temperamental, with a good deal of self-dramatization and a tendency to feel misunderstood and unappreciated. There is a degree of tension and a nervous energy in your makeup that can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on how it is used. You are very alert, and always think things through, even if you don't always see them through to completion. You may often jump from one project to another with lightning speed. Digging deeply into any subject is not your style. You can be critical of people, finding fault in their reasoning, and you are never shy about telling it the way it is. You are thought of as a "straight shooter" and your air of efficiency is impressive. Though your expression may be pointed, it is never vengeful in a heavy emotional way and you are never intentionally mean or unreasonable. You are sociable and entertaining, with a desert-dry sense of humor and wit. It may not seem so, but you are rather serious and if you can force yourself to stick to a job, you can accomplish much, especially if the project involves mental processes. Your mind is sharp as a tack, and you have the logic and facts to back your every move. Unfortunately, you may enjoy explaining your theories and plans more than executing them. Developing the ability to relax and be satisfied in the world as you find it will help you a great deal.
This was actually pretty helpful, thanks you guys. I had to ask because I felt that the virgo moon would be a difference in a gemini's demeanor. A gem guy that I've known for a bit, have been friends with, and possibly rekindling something with has his moon in virgo, and he always seemed a bit different than most gems (mainly guys) that I knew. He seemed far more stable and he was always thinking; but he had his head in one place compared to other gems. As for the emotional aspect, he wasn't too big on showing his emotions or that he had a softer side, but one could tell that he "got them" so to speak. He also had an extra dose of earth because his mercury and venus are both in Taurus. He was probably more down to earth than I was (no pun intended lol).
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Yeah I agree with Legendary Virgo, i'm more grounded than the average gemini. More analytical, logical but I can defiantly feel peoples emotions around me.


im the same way and its because i have an aqua rising mercury libra venus in libra so ima bit of a logical air head.
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I just want to know more about how this combination works. With double the mercury, does this make a gem more methodical, more grounded, ect?

double mercury ruled this person may be more cold and logical rather than emotional.

and the gemini may be more grounded.
I just want to know more about how this combination works. With double the mercury, does this make a gem more methodical, more grounded, ect?
Does anyone have this placement or know anything about it that could give me a little insight on this combination?

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