The True Gemini Woman

116 years old female from USA •
"Loving a Gemini is an experience that mates never forget. When Gemini feel a c

Loving a Gemini is an experience that mates never forget. When Gemini feel a connection and feel loved themselves, they reward their partners with personality and passion that lights up a room.

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"The Gemini Woman"
The Gemini woman is the sassy one, the charmer of the zodiac. The brothers perk up when this air sign decides to turn on her irresistible charm. She's the one-of-a-kind sister whose mind is always spinning on how to improve herself or manipulate a situation to get exactly what she wants. And most of the time she succeeds! The Gemini sister could write a how-to book on getting what she wants, but unfortunately, she's not giving away the tricks of the trade.
The Gemini sister is constantly in a mental and intellectual tennis match with herself. The ever-looming questions are always in her mind: "Should I take this job, go on this trip, or go out with this guy?" She can even be preoccupied by what color top to wear the next day or whether she's made any headway in her quest for her rightful place in society.
So, if you're interested in a Gemini woman, you are in for some real challenges. The first is to try to keep up with her, literally, and the second, is to try to understand what's in that pretty little head of hers. Just because she was warm and friendly the first time the two of you met, don't assume that she's ready to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. It ain't happening here.
Geminis are fiercely independent. Although, they are definitely attracted to the strong, silent type (I say silent because the brother probably won't be able to get a word in edgewise), they must have their own space. They must feel that they can do their own thing. Control freaks need not apply.
When love calls, the Gemini woman doesn't always answer, mainly because her standards are so high. There's always the possiblity of overlooking that would-be prince for the more buffed and gorgeous studs who may turn out to be the frogs of life. For Ms. Gemini, image is everything! For Ms. Gemini, it's just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one, or a handsome hunk instead of the star of the geek show. In any case, a relationship with the Gemini sister (once she decides to pay attention to her admirer) will be far from boring. The companion of Lady Gemini will be throughly entertained. Geminis have a great sense of humor; they're intelligent and deinitely have the gif
116 years old female from USA •
"Loving a Gemini is an experience that mates never forget. When Gemini feel a c
gift of gab, along with a few other gifts: tabletop dances and a few under-the-table surprises or "uprisings" at dinner.
Some men feel that the Gemini woman is not approachable. Usually she's dressed to kill, from her hair salon "do" to her manicured toes, and the brothers are sometimes reluctant to approach. Don't be. Gemini is the sign of the twins, with the dual personality, and this may be your lucky day. Then again....your never know with the Gemini sister.
The Gemini woman is what the brothers consider "high maintenance." These sisters work hard to achieve their goals, and dressing in the latest style is something they do for themselves. Therefore, most Geminis have two jobs. Because of their dual personality, they may also have two hobbies, even two companions.
This sister will expect you to know how to dress. The bell-bottom pants, polyester leisures suits, and Jeheri culs must go! Say brothers, don't forget the shoes. Gemini woman are very comfortable being single, and they simply must have their freedom. There's no mad dash to get married. That's because they're so busy enjoying themselves. Ther attitude is, why screw up a good thing?
If they're feeliing vulnerable and too emotional about a situation, they'll disappear. Ms. Gemini may apply for a transfer to another city without telling you until moving day, or she may move into that new house that she never bothered to tell you about and then get an unlisted telephone number. You just never know with Gemini.
Once you get this air signs attention, the chase will be a wonderful experience. Geminis enjoy the chase more than the actual capture. The key here is to play hard to get, Geminis love a good challenge. To get the Gemini sister going, simply tell her that something can't be done or that she is incapable of doing it, and, more times than not, she will rise to the occasion. When the Gemini sister falls in love, the fun, adventure, and romance are all-consuming. Geminis are always on the go. So you better have your skates, in-line skates, or bicycle handy. They will expect much affection and much attention. As one Gemini woman explained, "Showing some form of affection in the a.m., such as a kiss, a hug, or words, is important. ?This also applies to the p.m., and not just when it's time to go to bed."
Gemini women don't do windows. Trying to force them into domesticity is like trying to break in a wild stallion, it's going to be tough. Whatever the Gemini sister attempts, her creative to
116 years old female from USA •
"Loving a Gemini is an experience that mates never forget. When Gemini feel a c
touch makes it one better, but she doesn't have the time or the inclination to bake cookies and try new recipes. Many Geminis can cook, but it's a matter of finding the time.
If you're going to make a relationship with a Gemini work, you need to have a life apart from her. Try not to interrogate this sister every time you see her; she values her privacy and independence.

Gemini Women

A good looking woman with brains, a very interesting person. She has a fast movement and she could not sit still or stand still long. She is able to do many things at the same time and do it fast. If you date her, you will feel like dating many women at the same time. You can not tie her down with the word ???Love?? because she cares about love but is it not a major factor of her life.
You have to be able to adjust yourself to get along with her many different characters. She is a dreamer and has many dreams. She is eager to learn something new all the time. Even she is the 2 in 1 mixed character type, she is quite lucky in love. You have to put all your efforts to win her affection.
Even when she likes you and wonder about your wit, she will also see and inspect your bad side at the same time, because it is in her nature. She able to keep all kinds of mixed emotions without annoying you or letting you know at all. She can cheer you up by acting like a free little bird. Her conversation will not bore you. She is able to talk to you on any subjects. She can make you feel like you are the luckiest man alive.
She can make you feel like she needs all your care, but once she needs to stand alone, she can stand alone firmly and comfortably. She can be your best buddy and talk to you about anything. She can join all your activities with the same energy that you have. She is a quick wit person and learns new things very fast. She can see your projects and she can give you good advice. If she thinks you are not sure that you want her for yourself, she will be your best friend only, a cool woman.
She can easily make a guy fall in love with her. Her multiple changes and many moods is a ???Charm?? for many men. She can be laughing for 2 minutes and later suddenly quiet. She wants to find only 1 true love and she wants to meet her dream guy. She expects a lot and nearly too much. She is constantly waiting for her knight in shinning armor even when she is with a steady boyfriend. She can fall in love or fond of someone else while she is with a short period of time she
116 years old female from USA •
"Loving a Gemini is an experience that mates never forget. When Gemini feel a c
will forget old attachments.
If you break up with her, she will forget you quite fast, because change is in her nature. The Gemini woman breaks more hearts than any woman in the Zodiac. Because she is a dreamer and always waiting for her knight shinning armor, so her love life can be complex or a mess.When she finally finds someone who fills her needs,love will be sheer bliss.
She is a great communicator and she appreciates the written word as well as conversation.
she knows what she believes today can be different tomorrow. She could communicate with more than 1 language, a real gifted linguistic. If she wants to tell you any bad comments, she won??t say it straight away, but she will talk to you about many other things and accidentally come to that subject without offending you.
Normally she will not lie. She will work hard and once in a while take a long rest. She can get bored and tired with her surroundings very easily .Once you get to know her, she will be a supportive person and always be beside you. She has a beautiful dream and she loves to have someone walk side by side with her, together and equally.

*she cannot concentrate on 1 task!
*the bright side is once she is commited to a relationship she is loyal!( she may look at other guys BUT she wont do anything!) u can trust her!
*she hates dishonesty and people who waste time!

??_.well thats what geminis are all about!

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