my Gemini is hurt - how to fix this? I need help

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If you're into astrology, here's his chart. My info is in my profile page:

Sun Gemini 3.50
Moon Sagittarius 9.12
Mercury Gemini 22.58
Venus Cancer 17.32
Mars Aries 3.15
Jupiter Aries 15.31
Saturn Cancer 16.16
Uranus Libra 29.05 R
Neptune Sagittarius 10.36 R
Pluto Libra 6.38 R
Lilith Pisces 12.11


Sun Opposition Moon
Sun Sextile Mars
Sun Opposition Neptune
Sun Trine Pluto
Moon Trine Mars
Moon Trine Jupiter
Moon Conjunction Neptune
Moon Sextile Pluto
Mercury Trine Uranus
Venus Square Jupiter
Venus Conjunction Saturn
Mars Trine Neptune
Mars Opposition Pluto
Jupiter Square Saturn
Jupiter Trine Neptune
Jupiter Opposition Pluto
Neptune Sextile Pluto
I am very sorry about your mother. I hope whoever did it dies a horrible death and gets stabbed to death.

Why would you wanna be with a swinger?

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The user who posted this message has hidden it. certainly put it out there in great detail (typical cap). Well - here's my take on things.....I think the guy has some serious committment issues for one. A fiance of 8 years? You either agree to marry or not.....this sitting on the fence thing always reminds me of someone waiting for a better offer to come along, or tremendous fear of committment.

I think you have trust issues as well. You have every right to snap given the amount of stress you were feeling, and he seemed not to be able to roll with it. Seems like fear to me....his fears of being hurt again. Almost like he's waiting for the other shoe to drop. You haven't had time to build up a new friendship it's not like some unusual action on his part to act like that.

Lastly, the swinger thing - you know when you feed a cat a more expensive brand of cat food and they don't want the old food any more?'s like that. I don't see him backing down to straight monogamous sex after walking on the wild side. If that's ok with you....then....I guess no harm. But it's certainly an added complication to an already complicated situation.

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When I said you had trust issues....I meant more him to you. But it appears that you both do.

I would back so far off this...seriously, all you are doing is looking and acting desperate. You told him what you want - I think he needs to think it through and see if it's what he wants, too. Let him come to you.........or not.
What "hole" have you dug? So you got upset and lost your temper...big whoop....and he can't handle that?? After you apologized and explained? I dunno, girlie.......

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Don't apologize for your emotions surrounding your mother's death. Loss of a parent is bad enough but under those circumstances.....I don't know how you can keep yourself sane. This selfish jerk should understand that.
Hello CapAngel.

I read most of it but I got enough info to tell you what I think is going on with him.

I don't think it has anything to do with commitment issues here. Because he was seaching for you that means alot especially after 10 years....... Gemini's remember only certain people in there lives especially after sooo long of not seeing eachother...

I think you hurt him again and now he is feeling like if she did it again his wall is deffinitly up. But fortunitly there are ways to get things going again.
Give him space and time to get the bad thoughts out of his head about you.

Let him come to you. Me and my ex cap are playing this crap too. The only thing is I have a new man whom is a cap too. LOL that I keep playing games with. Unintentionally. But my ex cap knows how to get inside my head and he is always telling me he wants me back and reminding me of the good things about us but not the bad. So now I am thinking well how should I be with one of these guys knows my inside and out one doesn't. One I am completely comfortable with, one I am not.

So when you lean on things that you know he likes you will make an appearence in his heart again... With me I egnore my ex for weeks then I spend all my time with him cause I miss him.. Then I feel guilty and talk to me new cap and start egnoring the ex again.

I don't think that is what is going on in your case though.... I think he is barrying himself in his work to try and get over the hurt for a second time.
Gemini's are all about communication if you get mad at us male or female it really hits us where it counts. He opened his heart to you and you stabbed it thats what it feels like. Don't know why it just does. For eg. Me and my new cap got into out first fight in 6 months last thursday. I was very hurt made me rethink the WHOLE relationship. egnored him all night and I refused to see him because that was my way of getting him back... Mean I know I can't help it when Im hurt I do stupid things....

So finally i went over to his place last night he made me a nice dinner and baught me flowers to say he was sorry.. And that he loved me always.

We had a 3 hour conversation about feelings and future (we almost broke up) then we made up. Things are great today.

That is easy. The hard part is you have to figure how to break down the wall he put up. Its not hard to make the wall go up and its not hard to make the wall come down either... That is why g
My msg got cut off.

That is why gemini's are known for 2 personalities. The good and the bad.

Give him some space though. He will come back to you when he is ready. Or give it a couple or weeks then send him a text like how are you doing.

Gemini's like the chase. Let him come to you and when he does please don't get mad at him. I know caps have a short fuse when they are in the middle of something but just be patient.

If you want to msg me feel free to.

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