Are most Leos cheaters?

I know a Leo who has confessed to have cheated on all of his girlfriends.

I also have a Leo friend who made out with a guy and her Aqua man dumped her.

I have a Leo friend who has a girlfriend in Georgia and he's always flirting with me and bugs me to call him all the time so we can hang out. I never call him of course. He knows my Leo boyfriend yet he doesn't care.

My cousin is a Leo and whenever he receives a call from his phone, he always runs to the bathroom (LOL!) then his wife Mrs. Capricorn always has to chase him there.

If it is true that most Leos are cheaters, please explain why Leos cheat.
Couldn't be any worse than my pisces ex boyfriends

Being cheated on sucks, I know it. But, if you want to narrow it down to just Leo men instead of donkey men then you should prolly stay away from them.

Couldn't explain why Leos cheat because I've never cheated. I wonder if you could actually get someone to admit to it if they did. What do you think? need a leo male to anwser this question?....

She referred to the famles too.
females* oops
Technically, no. :-)

I'm simply referring to Leo males here so bear with me. Leo males are faithful to the woman they love when they're happy. When they're mad or upset, they will be quick to look for female attention. They are almost entitled to it (according to them), because they wouldn't do that if you didn't make them so upset.
"When they're mad or upset, they will be quick to look for female attention. They are almost entitled to it (according to them), because they wouldn't do that if you didn't make them so upset."

Lw/C, I think that you are generalizing all leos that cheat as these people who are out for attention and don't care about the other person they're involved with. People cheat all the time...i cheated on my ex, and it was the worst thing I've ever done. I was honest with him and told him that I "hooked up" w/ another guy. He forgave me, but I couldn't forgive myself...I broke up with him for that (and other reasons) and everytime I think about it, it breaks my heart to know how bad I hurt someone who did not deserve it. (Also, if you haven't noticed, I'm a female leo which dampens your stereotype of the male leo).

Cheaters cheat for many reasons, and it's not always because of our egos (leo's) or our fickleness (gemini) or our aloofness (aquarius) or our boredom (Aries). I would like to think that I will never cheat again...but I never though I'd cheat on the ex, and I did. For the most part, Leos are very loyal and faithful. However, some do cheat. That doesn't make it a typical leo trait, it's just human nature.
....That doesn't make it a typical leo trait, it's just human nature.....

Truthseeker, I wasn't referring to Leo females, period. Aside from myself, I don't know many. I do, however, know a lot of leo males and their behaviour is quite similar. This entire site, for the most part, IS about the generalization of sun signs.

(Also, if you haven't noticed, I'm a female leo which dampens your stereotype of the male leo).

Again, only spoke of what I know about Leo males, NOT females. Take it or leave it, it's just a mere opinion. Have a nice day.
Hey Leow/Cap...

I hope you weren't offended by my post (I could sense the tension in your writing).

"(Also, if you haven't noticed, I'm a female leo which dampens your stereotype of the male leo).

?"...meaning, you only generalized male Leos...I'm a female Leo, so you're point of what you know about male leos can be the same for a female (i'm example number 1), which then means that you would have to generalize all leos as cheaters...which THEN offends me, as a leo, because I don't want to be stereotyped as a cheater.

I doubt it if people would agree that this entire site is about generalizing all sun's about the study and learning of astrology. You're question was "Are most Leos Cheaters..." my response to you is "no," which I should've just said...but then I'm sure you would want an explanation as to why, and I gave it to you b/4...human has nothing to do w/ your sun sign.

It wasn't my question. I didn't ask that. I responded with my own opinion. Maybe that's where the confusion is coming in?

Although Leo females and Leo males may have a lot in common, when I speak of the males, it shouldn't be interpreted as an overall generalization of the sign. I'm speaking out of my own experiences from dating leos, having a bunch of male leos as family members, and also friends. To be clear, I never said Leo males cheat. It depends what you define as cheating. Every leo male I've known has looked for outside attention the second their girlfriend/wife has irritated them. The extent of attention sought has differed from what I've seen with males of other signs. Was it cheating? Technically, no but a lot of their girlfriends/wives would have a different opinion. Again, that is MY own anecdote from MY own dealings with Leo males. Just as you've posted your anecdote, I will post mine. Again, I can't speak for Leo females aside from my own actions.

The general question posed lended itself to a general answer, opinion, or personal anecdote. We are all different but hey, a general question sometimes deserves a general answer and that's what I gave. What I wrote was in no way a response to your previous posts.

Now, of course this site for some is used to learn more about astrology. If the general question would have been: Do people with their Venus in Gemini tend to cheat? Then I would have a written: every person I know with a Venus in Gemini has. Then again, maybe not. I wouldn't want to offend anybody who so happens to have their Venus in Gemini. Geez.

I understand where you are coming from. I feel the same as you when it comes to generalizing. It helps to realize that most people are just looking for some guidance deep down and it really doesn't matter what the persons sun sign is in question. But sometimes it's hard when it comes off as "all of you are like this, why?" I know it. Like you are expected to speak for someone you don't even know. I get you.

If someone is really serious about going this route they will take the time to learn a little more instead of accepting the general answer. (not that this IS the best route lol) But they will be smart enough to dig a little deeper into astrology. For the most part, people are really just looking for personal experiences. Venting. They find comfort in relating. Even though they just don't come right out and say it. They don't clarify what they want. So they get a general answer like she said.

I'm guilty with my scorp post. I had a desperate moment and was really just reaching out for some words of wisdom. My best friend was unavailable lol

I agree there are cheaters from all signs. No more or less than the other. And there are posts about it on almost all the boards I'm sure. Probably for the same reasons too. They were all hot and bothered and prolly weren't getting any at home. Leo is just more likely to admit to it lol!!

Have I mentioned how much I hate mars right now??
LeoWithCapAndAnnoyed, you don't make sense on your last two posts...

Lizard Scorpio...

Eh...who cares. :-)
LIZARD!!!! Where are you?!?!?! I love that you always disappear and reappear when I least expect it...your such a scorpio, lizard! Miss you...luv you! ciao, bello!
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