How do you know when a Leo is interested in you?

If its a Leo woman you're chasing, from my observations regarding them...

The short of it: Don't be a kitty.

The long of it: From my experience, Leo women do like to see if their potential companion is strong. In your example, it may be a test to see if you're strong enough to come after her or to see if you cower from the task. Almost all the Leo women I've come to know completely realize and wear it as a badge of pride that they are a quite the handful, fiery, and a pain in the ass. This translates into them needing a partner that is strong enough to handle that and still be with them no matter the circumstance, even on the bad days, and do it with energy and a smile.

For me personally, the whole "handful" and "pain in the ass" part of them is extremely attractive. Perhaps that's why I find chemistry with them

Hi Leo Lady this is a very new dating situation with me and Leo. Only a few dates. He is flirtatious and humoroous but always asks me to come to his place. He keeps saying he wants to kiss me.
Now is there a way to lead this away from friends with benefits or bootycall with a Leo. If I say no, he sulks. I asked him if he could give me advance notice,,, and he is now agreeing. But he wants to hang out at his place.
If he is indeed interested in sex, I have no problem, but I want to him to get to know me too.
He is always complementing me and telling e he finds me beautiful and admires my job etc..
I just want to steer this the right direction because I like him.

Any advice/ thanks
it is delicate
he has been the one chasng me... he says he is waiting for me.. he also keeps saying he wants to cook me dinner too. How do I encourage a balance between staying in vs going out. He always asks me to come over, so I am worried he just may want sex vs genuinely liking me?
He also has Venus in cancer so i guess thats where homebody comes in I guess?
Oh, one more thing. Usually if they genuinely like you they will be very warm and affectionate toward you. If they are only interested in sex, they will tend to be a bit more stand-offish but flirtatious in a fun and humorous manner. A Leo won't be publicly affectionate toward you in a loving way if they are not genuinely impressed by you and you don't live up to their "standards".
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Ok I have a question, how can you tell if they just want sex vs genuinely likeing you?

Hmmm.. now that's a little more complicated. Leo's like to have sex and they are very good at being friends with benefits. Most Leo's that I know, myself inclusive, can have sex without the emotional attachment, however that is not to say that we don't love deeply and that we are incapable of connecting deeply on a sexual level.

So, do the two of you have good conversation and connect or spend a lot of time together? Or is your interaction mainly on a sexually flirtatious level? I would probably need a little more insight into your interaction with one another before I could say for sure.
Ok I have a question, how can you tell if they just want sex vs genuinely likeing you?
I find Leo's very forward ...not hard to tell when they are into you, especially when they are fist targeting you. It is nice because it is almost like no one else is in the room. I find this sign the most easy to read when it comes to attraction.

1) You *know* a Leo likes you if they try to IMPRESS you. The psychology is, "I need to be above the rest, prettier, and flashier than everyone else to be noticed". Trying to impress is our #1 strategy. Leos are dreamers with big dreams. We think on a grand scale. We HATE feeling like we're just another Joe in the crowd.

2) Tieing into #1, the more he/she dresses up, the more they like you. Leos don't just look good by accident.

3) Also, see if they will do the same thing for others. Yeah Leos can get a bad rap for playing the field. But if they are TRULY falling for a love interest, they will home in with laser-guided precision, leaving all other interests and flings aside to focus on them.

If you seriously do have feelings for a Leo, one of the best things you can do for them is make them feel special. They will return it ten-fold. REASSURE them that they are your #1 and they can take pride in that choice. LET THE KNOW THAT THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE SUPER-IMPRESSIVE ALL THE TIME - YOU WILL LOVE THEM ANYWAY!! Leos can be complex, but when it comes to matters of the heart, they are simple, loving creatures.

I hate how leos don't like having TOO much attention .
i forgot to mention that i will sometimes stop talking to them just so they can keep coming back for more. it's a give and take with me. i chase u, u chase me back. that is how i know there's any real interest.
Sometimes Leos are confusing because they fall in and out of love quickly. One minute they could like you the next they could like someone else. Leos always have at least 3-4 other friends that they are fully aware of the fact that these friends are interested in them. At times If things do not work out with the current flame, the Leo will break up with them and try to initiate something with one of those friends instead. Preferably the one that is "highest on the list". Another confusing aspect is that you MUST never show too much or not enough attention to a Leo. The tricky part about this is how much attention/affection is "just right". Leos are very responsive. If you show too much attention and they don't like it, you will know. They will not respond to your calls and if they get really annoyed they will treat you badly. If you are not showing enough attention they will do the same thing. The good thing is Leos will probably almost never break up with you unless they are in fear of you breaking up with them first. They are very loyal and willing to work through anything.
Yes we certainly do....there should be no guessing games as far as Leo goes. And loyalty? thats a curse isnt it?? LOL
i never knew a leo that could hold back the love they feel. it's so obvious! we radiate it. even moreso when we can't verbalize it.
My understanding is that,
when a Leo loves you,
he will tell you well as,
if his interest in someone else
he will tell you that too.
I love that.
omg so wat about if they call or make contact at least once a day even if its to be idiotic and mean does that mean they like u?! sometimes he'll txt and when i txt back he wont answer this is all so entertaining
This could help to explain a lot. I'm a Gemini woman who is interested in a Leo man. Just when I think that he likes me, then he seems to start ignoring me. He's very shy and it has been difficult to strike up a conversation with him. So I was amazed the other day that we actually had a conversation that HE initiated. (we are co-workers) The whole time he was talking to me he was smiling. Maybe there is hope after all
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