July vs. August Leos.

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tall dark and aries

29 years old male from the rusty planet.

I can be soft spoken, but I carry a big

Man, I must say, you July Leos sure know how to draw attention. I was at a bus stop outside of a local High School and there was this guy who was talking up a storm and generally making a spectacle, though not being an ass, and he was trying to hit on a girl. Words like "treetrunk" and "you wanted to" and "me" were used frequently. Lol. She didn't seem too annoyed though. I thought he was an Aries at first because he was a little rambunctious, so I asked if he was an Aries and he said he was a Leo. He had a friend who was an August Leo who reminded him that he was "retarded" because he was acting out. Lol. He was a bit more calm than the July guy. Both were cool though. The July one was a first decan, and the other was either a 2nd or 3rd, seemed like a 2nd since he was sort of tall, whereas 3rd decan Leos are supposedly short.
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Ascendant: Virgo Su

...treetrunk. you wanted to. me....

He must be my twin. If you switch the words around a little it sounds much better lol

You know us ALL so well...
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Ascendant: Virgo Su

That was sarcasm btw. Not an invitation lol (for those who can't tell the difference)

Actually 'treetrunk' does fly out of my mouth often....

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