Leo Man - Cheater?

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female from Canada  

I don't know if he's cheating..... yet, but he's got plans to do just that. No married man needs to make new female friends. Old friends are fine. New friends are not, especially when you don't know her. This stuff would have been best covered before you got married, but now seems like an appropriate time. People cheat. Leos are just very cool about it, more so than any other sign IMHO.
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female from a spot in the shade  

was i ever crazy? maybe... or maybe lif

it doesn't look good, libra36.
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female from Florida  

December 9 1987.

^They have good conversation....

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female from Florida  

December 9 1987.

But seriously, since you did ask...
I wouldn't jump to conclusions just yet. How long have you been married?
I have known two types of leos...there's the flirty yet loyal kind...and then there's the "cassanovas."
The first is just a serial flirter - but never cheats. The second is a straight-up manjust like me.

It is possible, if you've been married awhile, that he may just be bored and looking to see if he still has "it."
He may not even be looking for anything questionable, but rather wants to feel like he's still desired and hasn't lost his game.

Ego is a big thing with leos, afterall.

Hope this helps.
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female from Florida  

December 9 1987.

Lol...why should you even have to ask this if you're married to the man?

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he is definetly cheating

6/22/2009 8:58:24 AM | More

I found out recently that my Leo husband has been talking to a girl. One month he talked to her 90 times for a total of 5.6 hours and the following month he talked to her 148 times for a total of 10.5 hours. He swears they are just friends and that he won't and hasn't spoken to her since. What do you think is going on?

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