Leo Women Sexual Appetite

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I just have a few comments to make how much Sex does a Leo Woman need? I have been seeing a Leo Woman in her Mid 20's for almost 3 years now and boy is her Sexual drive up there. She makes me look bad. There are times that I feel she is going to leave me if I do not sexually satisfy her all the time. I enjoy having Sex but she is in it like a Marathon or something. Another comment I had is I noticed Leo women like to dress provocative. Is this because they want attention from everybody? Especially males? And why do they like to argue all the time is that just their nature? No disrespect just ignorant I guess.

Aquarius Male
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Enjoy while it is there!Two more years and her sexual appetite will decrease dramatically.
We dress provocative for the exact reason that you mentioned:we need to be admired and desired,but only from the distance.You know,kind of look,but don't touch.
Leo woman
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I totally disagree with Leo woman. My partner is an Aquarius male and he definetely can't keep up. I don't think he ever will. As for dressing the way we do, it's because leo woman are very sensual and the clothes reflect the inner feeling. Sure, like everyone, we like to look good when going out, but it is more for ourselves or that one particular special person. The fact that leo women can wear whatever they want and feel good about themselves doesn't mean we are all out there to 'get a bit'. It just means we feel good about ourselves and are comfortable with our bodies.

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Thanks for your opinion Leos it is something to think about.

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Oh by the way what do you mean by in 2 more years her drive will decrease. I thought Women approaching their 30's become more sexually active versus men in their 30's start decreasing their sexual vitality. Do you know something I don't.

Aquarius/Pisces Male
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After five years of relationship with one person,the libido starts to decrease-the sexual curiosity and desire is not so strong .It is scientificaly proven.
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i totally relate to what you say lawgoddess!! altho im not a leo..but yeah, much
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I'm a leo I think you should tell her how you feel. It might make her change. lEO'S usually will do anything for someone they care about or love. And I figure she loves you because not most leo's stick around unless they love you. So my advice is to either tell her or break it off. -Alexis-
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Wooooohooo. A subject near and dear to this Leo woman's heart. To answer your question, you should consider your woman's drive to be with you one of the most honorable compliments in the universe. When I am with someone, yes I want them constantly. I have been known to lay in bed and tear up *silenty* if I am in the mood *which is almost always* and get nothing. Leo women are very faithful to the right person. I don't think you should worry about her leaving you b/c it DOES sound like she wants to be around. As for dressing provocatively, I agree with a fellow poster, it isn't about you or anyone else, it is how we felines feel about ourselves. Personally, I have been known to 'tastefully' dress so that it will reflect well on not only me but also on my guy. Just something to think about..... AHEM, now back to sex. .............Magnanimous appetite that 'tis the only way to describe Lioness' libidos. I can't say the same about male Leos, any rebuttals? Peace out
40 years old male •
Mr. Aquarius,

You said your Leo woman likes to argue but she wants to have sex all the time? That doesn't make sense. Usually when women argue they get angry and lose interest in intimacy for a while. It seems to me you should stop complaining and be glad that you found a woman who doesn't keep anger inside her and who enjoys being close to you. Instead of asking what is wrong with her, look at yourself and think about what you're doing that is making her want to argue with you all the time. Chances are they are relatively easy things which will make her much happier and your relationship stronger.

Pisces Male
female •
Maybe I should explain myself better. The argueing stems from Leos Domineering, Jealous, impulsive personality. Normally, if we argue I will be the passive one in the relationship while she starts yelling and has the potential to become violent. I was in a relationship for nine years before her and separated because of similar domestic problems with a woman. Because of this I just choose not to argue and attempt to keep a harmonius relationship with her. If i take her out she accuses me of looking at other women and secretly trying to pick them up. This is a Lie alltogther, I love her and am simply trying my best to get her to feel more secure in our relationship. I am a secure person and do not let people or society make me feel inferior. I am not perfect however I do try to strive for a harmonious happy lifestyle. You only live once and should not have to waste your valuable life on argueing all the time. If the arguement is valid than understandable, however if not than why bother. I know LEOS need attention but putting a relationship on the line for the mere sake of argueing is unacceptable in my eyes. I give her the benefit of the doubt because she is a bit younger and does not have as much experience as myself. I think these things can have an impact on the way she views life in general as well as her Maturity level.

Aquarius/Pisces Male
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Thanks for the info you provided, I did not know that. That scientific fact can explain many things in my romantic life and why I become turned off sexually after being with a person for more than five years. I guess if you love the person enough you can survive it. Who knows???

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She is obviously insecure..(er der).. Don't like the sound of the violence though! If she has such a strong sexual appetite, perhpas it is her way of controling you...(even though we all know that that isn't the case..no one can ever control and Aquarius). My Aquarius partner is always the passive one in the arguement...but I never get violent, and we get over it quickly.
Time for the talk my friend..lay down some ground rules..ie..that SHE is the one you want to be with, so she should get over her insecurity, and that violence is a definite no no, and she should seek counselling asap. Don't waste your time, as you said, on a relationship that is not good to you. You deserve better than that! If she won't take you seriously, send her here and we will all tell her the facts of life!
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Thanks for your comment LawGoddess.

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