Lioness loving a leo - we love hard, but it hurts

Lioness loving a Lion

Are Leo men truly faithful to their women. Can they be loyal and express their love verbally and intimatilly to one female and remain friends with another? Even if the females have big time hotts for him? Can they survive without sex if necessary or will they run for the most available just because they are offering? Why do our lion's emotions change like the wind? it's so hard to follow, hard to figure out? how do i show my lion i love him without showing total focus which is boring, or calling all day? how do i show love without being clingly which i'm not, but without letting another take my place when i'm gone?
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"Oxytocin, when it??s got you hooked on the wrong partner, can be tougher to qu
Depending on the age of a male lion he will give you his loyalty BUT loyalty doesn't mean he's going to be faithful, some male leo's will cheat period, be it emotional cheating or physical cheating because they have extraordinary huge egos and not one woman can fulfill that all the time, every second of the day.

Leo men are hardly like there female lioness counterparts in the love department, leo men express love the same as the lioness but it doesn't necessarily mean the priorities of love are the same. If your stroking his ego and doing everything without confrontation including allowing him tons of room to roam, tons of room to flirt and play, not being jealous, pushy or confrontational then things will be in the girlfriends favor and he will most likely not cheat because your able to give it to him the way he needs it in order to feel like the king he is but if she's challenging him about his behavior, holding back sex as punishment, being emotionally exhausting, not giving the lion king what he needs when he needs it then he will stray, does that mean he will leave, no not necessarily but his needs (selfish) will be met period, he will not think before he reacts and I find some leo men are indifferent when it comes to physical intimacy because its just a need to stroke his ego, it has nothing to do with love but this can and could be said about most men.
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"Oxytocin, when it??s got you hooked on the wrong partner, can be tougher to qu
very delicate balance of being clear what I will not tolerate without the drama and not being a doormat at the same time, I wasn't so good about that at first.

Can they be loyal and express their love verbally and intimatilly to one female and remain friends with another?

Yes he can express love verbally and intimately to his girlfriend and remain friends with other women, leo men have all kinds of relationships and friendships, not all are based around sex, (some) leo males have friendships completely based on just that, friends with college girls, virgins, old flames so yes its possible but I will say this, a lot of the times those women will know about you and there loyalty will be with him, he will have probably crossed the line from time to time but you won't know it b/c she's so into him and love his friendship she will look you straight in the face knowing she crossed the line and pretend it never really there is no clear concise attention to the energy in the room thats the only way your really going to be able to tell.

Even if the females have big time hotts for him? Can they survive without sex if necessary or will they run for the most available just because they are offering?

If he's alone with her it could get hot and heavy but it doesn't mean he will go all the way, some leo men love attention and it doesn't mean the sexual act itself is the main goal.

Why do our lion's emotions change like the wind? it's so hard to follow, hard to figure out?

Boredom I find is part culprit, if he's not emotionally stable eg suffers from depression, has a lot of strong negative energy underneath all that surface positive energy then his emotions will change a lot, thats why is important to have the capability to change up your patterns and behaviors yet offer emotional stability when your with him.

how do i show my lion i love him without showing total focus which is boring, or calling all day? how do i show love without being clingly which i'm not, but without letting another take my place when i'm gone?

You show him this by being confident, allowing him to lead the relationship eg letting him call you 85% of the time, trusting him when he says he's going out with XYZ, I find leo men love emotional strength, not that kind of strength were the woman lets him run over her, she refuses to nurture and tell him how much she cares for him and loves him but the kind of emotional stability that says no matter wh
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"Oxytocin, when it??s got you hooked on the wrong partner, can be tougher to qu
what I'm here with you and nothing can keep me from you. Actions speak and mean everything to a male lion, be a positive force and he will be captivated by that.
I'm understanding us leo's needing room, space etc. The flirting and playing part is a double standard don't you think? so for names sake in reality, if it's ok for a leo male to play, flirt, get his ego stroked when needed, why not stay a bachelor and everyone will be happy? We have a 15 month old together, I don't mind not calling to speak to him, sometimes, but i would like to see how my baby is doing without him thinking I'm checking on him, that has to be warranted as a good mom checkign in right? Not on him about once a day. this may be too less, or too much, not sure, it's my first child not sure what else i'm supposed to do here. I see different responses, did i understand a leo man will "always" stray to ensure his ego is stroked not one person can do it all the time 100% be it emotional, physical, intimate. or they will remain faithful if they are provided with strength as i have, support as i give and the stay through the storm and I'm still here? At what point do the leo men, grow up out of the playing selfish me me stage? there are ton's of options out there for us both yes, plenty for us both, leos have charm, charisma and something that everyone wants to be around, you love him or hate the arrogance, do we have to accept the eye or wink, or smile go towards every tracy, kim, kevin, or lisa to fullfill our own selfish egos? not that this is what's happening but trying to get an understanding of Leo men. Then again, a leo man won't go for a female that is just as selfish right? as a lioness could easily be... then again, just as strong willed, it's difficult to be humble as a lioness. ladies how do you do it without loosing yourself and not being taking advantage of. without goin biserk knowing leo's flirt, play, get their what ever's while we are supposed to be loving wives, girlsfriends, fience's and smile. Oh brother, Please somebody advise me.
Nope we are the same when it comes to the love of my baby girl. I'm a first time mom. Nothing can keep my mind from my daughter or keep me from getting to her 30 miles away in 19 min flat as needed in the past. I guess god was watching me this day! Thing is, him having children has desensitized him or something to the mom's need. since he wasn't with any of them during this emotional period, per their fault so he says... he is clueless to the torn apart feelings when i go to work daily leaving her behind. This i feel is selfish on my behalf cause i had a high risk, complicated pregnancy and couldn't get my company running completely before i delivered her early. threrefore i'm back in the work force trying to be the best i can, mom, friend, lover, companion. yes he stood by my side, and has been there for me with these what i call Male Leo symptoms that are confusing.
Seems naieve, but i begin dating my now deceased husband when I was in my 20's I'm now 42, he passed a couple of years ago. Dating was so different, you like me you call me we go out, we go together, LOL. So these withdrawels, and dating stuff, and uncertainty is so new (and mommy hood new, post pardem was kind of not good, though here I am survivor.) the other things are unclear to me. Being a wife, a companion, a lover, a manager, a sister, a best friend is not new or unclear.
... i know a leo with a 15 month baby ..

Are Leo men truly faithful to their women - NO
Can they survive without sex - NO
other questions ..never managed to work them out .. sometimes i think they never mean any of the things they say ... sometimes that they mean it 100 % but that to just all comes just like that and then goes away after a while .. puf..just like that ..

wish i could work it out ..

good luck !!
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I know Leo Females and Leo Males differ but for me I love only my partner and cannot, will not allow any other man to touch me as long as I love him. But flirt - ah yes and quite openly in front of my partner. He's a flirt too don't get me wrong but I think that perhaps I take it too far. Truth is that when I'm in the moment surrounded by people, enjoying the mood and relaxed I don't really see boy/girl. I'm just friends with everyone and really just enjoy being the one leading the room (yes I tend to be the centre of attraction - not because I need the attention but because it's where I feel most comfortable)and sometimes it just so happens that it's a male I'm sitting next to and enjoying a good conversation with and yes I'll shift up closer to him or touch him when I talk to him. My partner has a problem with this - says he can handle flirting but touching not. So I'm making a concerted effort to keep it light around other men - but I'm just the same with woman - I'll also shift closer and touch them and possibly even kiss them when they make me laugh (I'm straight BTW). Perhaps other signs just don't understand that we want to be friends with everyone and be the happy one in the room and it more than likely manifests in our body language.
Do any other Leo's get what I'm trying to say???
Leo men can be sly creatures? How so? Why not put the cards on the table and play it straight so us unslick ones can do without the drama? Leo men know when they are flirting and when they have crossed the line, the thing is, lines wear out, people get hurt. Me.. I've backed out emotionally lately as to not interfer with the other positive things going on in my life. In my mind now, he's just a babys father sad to say. My daugther is first and foremost my love.. It's just a shame to fall in love with someone that doesn't know what love is when it stares them in the face, it's like looking a gifted horse in the mouth and do nothing with it. i won't love hard like this again... sad i know.
oh we are already in a relationship for quite a while now, he confesses he wants it, prayed to god for me, can you believe it, though actions will always speak louder then words in every situation. At this point, the turned off phones should be played out, getting defensive when i ask who was that, when u do the same to me? should be played out. I don't have secrets... I'm not the female that will allow them in my life, if it can't be done in front of your mate, it's cheating to me.. it matters. then again if you have a warped mind, it would be ok if nothing is happening especially if i don't know of it right? tell me if i'm wrong, and again, I'm learning men all over again, not naieve just this stuff goin on today, there should be an island for those that sign up for it LOL. this is a whole new world for me.

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