The Quiet LEO...

Sounds conflicting, doesn't it?

This morning I learned, ladies, regardless of Leo man telling my friend a few days ago that he loved me a lot (BLAH!!), he has decided to take a disappearing act like a coward!

I know his reasons; it is family related. He is Indian and his father threatened him with disowning if he continues his relation with me. But rather taking a stand and telling me all this himself, I heard this through my friend he talked to.

"King of the Jungle"?

You cant argue with culture at he end of the day his are more important. Blood is thicker than water. But be patient...and see what happens.
I really don't know what to think anymore.

I know he has been under a lot of pressure. He doesn't live with his parents; he lives with his relatives who were instructed to watch him. He once said, if it were for his parents, he can retrieve in his room, but relatives didn't allow him to close his door to his room. They were conducting surprise visits in the middle of the night and even to his computer. I left a message on his cellphone on Sunday thinking he has privacy to his voicemail. That very same night he deleted his account where we used to chat.

Anyway... my initial reaction was that he could have informed me. I might be wrong... who knows..

DewDrops -- You gave me a chuckle... Your comments are so spot on!

He is a rich boy studying masters in NY city on student visa. Age 26 and the only son to his family (you were pretty close in guessing ...).

His parents are in India and he is staying with a crowd of relatives who've been in his business all the time. We used to chat in the nights when everyone went to bed. But this time it is different; he is extremely shy. He told me when his mother was yelling at him on the phone, everyone was looking at him in a strange way. The last time when online with me, his uncle did a surprise visit to his room and checked out his computer as well.

I am much older than him. Actually, quite older...

He has another year to go with them. After this incident, he did suggest that we should take things easy until everyone settled down. He said, once his year was over, I want to share the rest of my life with you. He told the same to this friend of mine, but now he completely dissappeared. This all happened 3 weeks ago. Haven't heard from him for the past 2 wks.

So am guessing they succeeded in breaking his pride...

I'm sure he also got a good brainwashing with so much pressure. Unfortunately, he told everything about us to his uncle, who was the messenger to his parents. He said, he couldn't lie to him....

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awwwwwww... Due, I missed your comment. Do not worry, if you see not appropriate, I'd appreciate you sending me in private.
Jason -

He has 6 fire signs in his chart and his moon is in cancer.
Jason -

Besides him being shy, what else does it tell....?
The bad thing about Leo's is that they obey to succeed. This means that if it's success vs. love, they attempt both....when there is no possible way....they choose success. They choose success because the heart of a Leo never goes cold, they believe that they can always come back to love. A Leo believes that if it is true love then it will overcome all obstacles at the end. You will seldomly find a Leo leaving their career or their honor behind for the one they love. In their mind they think "let my parents have what they want for now, little do they know that I have my heart set on what I want for the future."
wow... lioness

I am truly amazed by how you described Leo. This is what he also said to my friend, but his silence and disappearing didn't make sense to me ... as in words versus actions.

At a number of occasions he said, he waits for the right moment...

I don't feel as bad anymore. I had started thinking that he looked so genuine... and where did I do wrong in misinterpreting?? Now it makes sense... Thank you

Dew -

I don't agree with the way he cut off things either. I would expect being communicated to.

So it's ok... you can express your 'not so kind' opinion

Jason -

Leo said it is the first time ever he opened up and talked to someone so much. We used to talk endlessly.

I made a mistake in his moon though. His moon is in Aqua. His mars is in cancer. Sorry.

He still had the flamboyance underneath his quiet personality. When he opened up his mouth, there was not much modesty.. Wherever we went together, he carried himself quite well. I was surprised to see the stack of clothing and the quality of his stuff when we stayed with each other. He first joked if I was going to bring my whole wardrobe. He came with 3 times the stuff than me.

AND it took him double the time than me to get all fixed and ready when we were to go out. I told him, Leo... you like a girl.. it takes so long until you are ready. He said, my parents were expecting a girl and they got me.

Anyway... Jason, you are still very young. I was as shy as you. You will get over that. At least you will learn to pretend not to be shy.

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