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WHEN you piss off a leo man .. whats the best thing to do ... say your sorry and let him come crawling back or keep bothering him or just tell him simple good morning babe .. good night babe till he feels like he wants to talk to you
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I am wrong for alot... he has been super nice for a while im sure evertone seen all mypost.. but i pissed him off and he just been giving me short messages ...
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i have many leo friends, i've learned if you pissed them off, especially in relationships they may never come back.
what i suggest is give them time like at least a week, and then shower them with royalty. tell them how much they are worth, and how great they are, asskissing royalty to the extreme.
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i did sayi was sorry and then told him he is the best in the world.. but why i started an arguments is because i seen something on his wall a girl saying hey buddy i enjoyed you last night ... now we all know what u would think if u seen this so when i asked he said they were on the phone
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I apologize to them. I then leave them be but since they are social don't leave them alone for too long. Make them laugh and smile.

little bro- is a leo
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Honey,...when are you gonna lay off your obsession with this man? Your started like a zillion threads here. Your obsessive karma pushes him away...and must be killing you. Seek therapy or something.
when someone ticks me off, it's best to let me decide what to do about it.
say you're sorry and ask me what you can do to make things right. do what i ask you to do. it's that simple. if it is about disrespect, then you might be lucky if i give you a second chance.

but don't be fawning all over me. i don't like people who say things just to get into my good graces. mostly, because they don't mean it. and i don't like people who think they can suck up to me. give me a call or message me, show me that you are truly sorry and explain what happened. why you did what you did. when i am done thinking, and i might have a few questions to ask, to clarify, then if i am satisfied that we are ok, i will let you know. once we get past an issue, i don't want to talk about it again. of course that also means don't do it again.

taurus and i have misunderstandings and we both get defensive and go on offense. i tend to be the one to make the first move back but that isn't because i am weaker, it's because i know we must have crossed messages and read things wrong and i want to sort it out. i don't have time for mindgames. so if you are honest and open, we can sort most things out but only when i am ready. respect is key.
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I definitely don't bug my leo. Depends on what I did. He gets offended at some of the littlest things. Usually I'll say I'm sorry then try to turn it to a lighter subject.

I've found that it's easy to divert his attention away from the problem if it involves something that interests him, even if it's as simple as asking him about HIM. They love talking about themselves, which is good, because I don't mind flattering him.

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But in your case I would say sorry and leave him alone to think about it
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Posted by GAGA
i did sayi was sorry and then told him he is the best in the world.. but why i started an arguments is because i seen something on his wall a girl saying hey buddy i enjoyed you last night ... now we all know what u would think if u seen this so when i asked he said they were on the phone

Didn't read this lil bit. If you saw something like this and if he got defensive (idk if he did). And now he's legitimately getting pissed at you for being concerned then somethings up.

I can't remember but going to take a guess you two aren't dating, but just seeing each other. I remember the story, you guys used to date, but I can't remember if you got back together or not.

Back when me and the leo were just having sex and I was ridiculously jealous we had an incident kinda like this where a girl posted on his fb wall. Don't get me wrong. There were other signs, but the fact that he was defensive when I confronted him about it only made him mad.

Now a days I don't ever see stuff like that on his wall and he doesn't hide what he's doing on his facebook or phone. Back then I really had no right to be jealous, but the point of my story is he wont have stuff on his wall like that if he really wants to be with you. And he's definitely not going to get mad about it when you ask. Unless hes just a really anal guy
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Leos are often passionate and we can get passionately angry. Keep in mind that we don't usually hold onto that anger for long.

When someone pisses me off I just say my piece and then let them know i'll be back to talk when i've calmed down. Don't push it. It has to be on my terms if i'm the one who's been wronged.
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he is out with his friends right now and i dont mind last time he was out i stayed at his place he texted me none stop hey babe this and that... well now i am at my house and he has not said one word to me i texted him saying hows is my babe doing hows it going he said we just drinking ... so i said isnt that what u guys do all the time he didnt reply so i said i miss you still no respond .. should i just leave it alone .......or what its 10-22 here
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yeah i figured that i didnt bother him after he didnt respoond i figured he is having fun .. having drink i dont think he is really trying to check his phone
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Posted by GAGA
yeah i figured that i didnt bother him after he didnt respoond i figured he is having fun .. having drink i dont think he is really trying to check his phone

Yup, prob having fun. You should have some too?

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yeah i know i should .. but i hate explaining my self to him ... and when i go out i find him tyring to text call etc to see what i m doing .. but after the last text me telling him i miss you .. and he didnt reply i left it alone .. i am sure he has somehting planned for us tomorrow... so if he do i dont want to ruin it by yelling at him for no reason tonight god know he prolly got home drunk earlier and passed out
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