When a Leo is mad at you...

How do you make it up with them?
Basically, I have a crazy "friendship" with a Leo guy (I'm a scorpio female) he has upset me plenty of times, most recently on thursday night. As a result of this when I saw him on a night out on Friday I didn't want to speak to him and he KNEW I was mad at him. I was talking to another guy on the night (pisces) that I have a known for a lot longer than the Leo, Pisces is into me, I'd been drinking, we were flirting, I didnt know until later that Leo had seen this and apparently people close to him have told me since then that he was always suspicious of me and this Pisces guy. Leo went off to flirt with another girl then came over to me and had the audacity to be like "Why haven't you spoken to me?" I flipped out, shouted at him then walked off, when I came back he was gone. I was still angry, I text him a few times, he told me that i need to calm down and he didnt want to speak to me right then.
The next day I text him, no response. He's still not speaking to me. And I just found out that the only reason he left the club we were at on friday was because of me
I feel so awful.
What do I do?
So what? lol. He pissed you off, so you decided to talk to another guy. Its not like you guys are an item right? Tell him to quit being a little cookiemonster
This happens to me and the leo guy i know. He'll sit there and talk about hooking up or whatever with other girls (in a way bless him..at least he's telling me)..but then he'll get all moody if i bring up another guy. He Doesnt make an overly obvious remark or gesture...but i can tell he doesnt like hearing it. We are still not together (you are all right about leos not making the first move)...and if he can bring up other girls...i dont see why i cant talk about other guys. The weird thing is is that he HAS hooked up with some of the girls he's talking about and i havent gone near any of the guys im talking about sexually.

Trying to reason with a PO'd Leo is a waste of energy, like pissing in a wind storm. And a lil' butt smooch here and there never goes amiss.
Posted by venusianbull
Trying to reason with a PO'd Leo is a waste of energy, like pissing in a wind storm. And a lil' butt smooch here and there never goes amiss.

Butt smooch .... hahahahahahahaaaa - so true though!
lmao @ prince

never make a leo jealous...especially one who's not that into you. even if they aim to get you back...either by flirting, dating your friend or seeing if they can win you back, the initial blow to their pride will weigh so heavy on them that once they know they have you back, there's a strong likelihood they'll drop you in the near future.

i think you can make leo "jealous" by merely being seductive/attractive. going so far as flirting in front of them, dating a friend...doing anything that lessens them publicly, that's counterproductive....IMHO
I dont underdstand that sentence "dont make a leo jealous...especially if they are not that into you".....if they are not THAT into you..then why would they get jealous?
pride and ego
you're rejecting him. the chase is on. that's all ego.
yeah but why are you rejecting him? that he can't get. if you weren't so intent on running away, he wouldn't feel the need to chase ya.
i said pride AND ego. maybe his ego, in this instance, trumps his pride.

and stop being such a cookiemonster and answer your damn phone.
Have a blazing row and then rip each other's clothes off. Always seemed to be the case with my Leo ex. You can usually win the Leo over by smothering them with compliments or by doing something else to make them feel irresistible. Sometimes in the middle of a row with my Leo I'd just grab her, pull her to me and then kiss her. I'd make sure it was at the most inappropriate time possible and then tell her I simply couldn't resist it because she was so beautiful. Leos are so easy to play once you realize what they love... Themselves!!!
An argument tubby.
How do Leo's act when

1. insecure
2. jealous
3. rejected

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