Why Do Leos Get Infatuated So Quickly?

well i love everyone and i guess u could say that i become infatuated with ppl easily. that does not mean i fall in love with everyone. i rarely fall in love actually. can't help it, i'm a lover!
haha ninjamu agree
well i tend to "fall in love" with almost everyone. that doesn't mean i want to date most of them.
because we're passionate. we feel things intensely, including when we start to like someone.
Hi Chocolate, i like your name, makes me want to eat u...

Yes, where is JD?? We need his wisdom, funny he is usually right about things.
This thread has struck a cord with me. I always fall quickly and usually have a hard time seperating infatuations from real love which puzzles me since i have sun in Virgo. It wasn't until I found out the rest of my chart and I have moon in Leo that makes me think might have something to do with it. I feel constant inner struggle when I'm into someone, still the Leo in me takes over and I fall hard and fast despite my Virgo side urging me to be cautious..

"Leos tend to get really excited on the idea of being with someone, so a lot of time their desire for a love interest, goes beyond that person. Leos don't really hold back on their emotions, so when they're interested in someone they just throw themselves at that person, and when you add the excitement of being with that person to it, you have a Leo often giving more to that person than what is truly deserved. Especially in terms of meaning, they can often give more meaning to someone that is truly deserved."

JD, those words describe me so well..
Now lets not get it twisted peole not every leo is like that.Take me for example.Its only been like once or twice that maybe i felt infatuated with someone but not everyone i date.They have to have that special thing about them and if they got it its a wrap.But just as fast as we can fall in love we can easily fall out.Some leo's hardly ever fall in love especially the ones who got hurt.Those are the dangerous leo's the ones whom are on the prowl real talk
leo men have grand love!! It's getting beyond that part of the personality, thats when the challenge begins.

wait wait wait before you fall LOL!!
Im a Leo and ive liked people but everytime ive liked someones after about a month i get infatuated and i actually cant change how i feel even if the person i like doesn't like me back.... And it hasnt just happened once its actually happened quite a few times, so why is that?

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