Has anyone had a combo of libra & pisces? Did it work out? & how can you tell if a libra guy is serious about daing you?
What does this mean for those, who like myself, have this placement in their chart? With Jupiter shifting over to libra for the rest of this year and well into 2017, does it mean we're going to be dealt with good fortune during this planetary alignment?
And a desire to deal with life head on. Where the treetrunk did my balls go these past 6 yrs-why am I so "careful" I literally cant stand it.
ok libras please help me here because im not sure if im just being craazy here or if he really isn't interested...short story... I have been going on dates off and on with this Libra for about five years now. I never slept with him because i did not wa
I'm like 60% sure you may not want this thread BUT IDC YOU'RE MY HOMIE AND IT'S YOUR BDAY!!! http://67.media.tumblr.com/81145f7a840ac23006eff84e18412575/tumblr_o3256lRRWK1slzsb9o1_500.gif http://bestanimations.com/Holidays/Birthday/funnybithdaygifs/
https://media.giphy.com/media/s2qXK8wAvkHTO/giphy.gif https://media.giphy.com/media/26BRtW4zppWWjrsPu/giphy.gif https://media.giphy.com/media/yoJC2GnSClbPOkV0eA/giphy.gif https://media.giphy.com/media/l46C8AnxYhxNAyM1O/giphy.gif
If you're dominantly libra, how would taurus, cancer, libra and capricorn rising signs affect a libra's personality? If you've got personal experience interacting with people with these rising signs or if you have one of the following yourself, how does i
Hey I'm new on this website. I'm hoping i can get some advice from my last relationship. I been seeing a libra man for a year and a half now. Everything was going good until he started ignore me. I told him i loved him and i wanted to see him in my future
-She likes dancing as much as I do -She is into astrology as much as I am -She has an amazing fashion sense and loves making me look more fashionable too (well she's a fashion designer too haha) -We have the best naked yoga sessions together -She talk
Post ya bdays so we can wish y'all happy bday. Happy late bday to those I missed, my aplogies
Hi everyone! I came across this website trying to look for relationship helps. I am a 28 year old Sagittarius woman - I have every quality that any horoscope blog writes about a sag woman. I met a Libra guy - 3 months ago. He's 33 and British. We met acci
I started dating my Libra gf the last 2months. Its been cozy for just 1 month. She told me she demands time, and gets jealous easily, I made sure I gave her my attention, and never did anything to make her jealous. She has NEVER ever said "I love you" t
How many of you libras are faithful or unfaithful? I consider myself a faithful libra
How long does it take you to make a decision? How many times do you change your mind during the decision-making stage? Could be big or small decisions. Anything from what outfit you're wearing to what house to purchase, to marry or stay single, whi
And how u act when u get comfortable. Leo and I used to be or want to be the center stage but these days I'm a humble jackass. What's yours
Hey Libras Do you feel more positive, peaceful and harmonious now that jupiter is in libra from september 9th? I feel more like myself lately.. jupiter in virgo was hard on me..
It's all wrong numbers fault. Some girl with same name as mine, gave him wrong nr. So when poor lad called, and adressed me with my name I thought we know us. We needed some 30ish min of pretty cool chat to discover that we don't know us at all. After
Hello fellow Libra's, I've noticed a few things particularly from other signs. Multiple people who are these exact signs always show similar traits and I was wondering if any other Libra's out there have noticed or if it has effected you in some way, s
I've seen several libras on my facebook news feed announce new relationships, others announce new jobs and others going on more trips. Hows it been treating you? Notice anything new and exciting? More of the same or nothing at all?
I'm a little late, I know. But, I just wanted to say happy birthday to my Venus ruled cousins on the other side of the zodiac. We have more in common than we know.
Yay so i am here to trouble again. For those who don't know my story, we brokeup 1.5 months ago because of his family issue and i accepted it. Now,we had promised to continue remaining friends and we did continue.Of course there was sudden feeling of awkw
for when you have something to say and it doesn't really belong anywhere in particular. Why does the Libra board never seem to have a successful "chill thread?" Can we try (again?) a Say Anything thread? I think as Leebs we maybe put too much pressure

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Is this a solid match? Our chemistry has always been intense. People thought we were in love months before we even had a first date. (Ok so we are not even speaking at the moment but I'm still curious)


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So after having a very flirty conversation where he basically says he wants to be with me he brushes me off? Like.... ok?! After our last convo where he made the comment that he already made me his blah blah, the next day I texted him and his replies were
Has anyone had a combo of libra & pisces? Did it work out? & how can you tell if a libra guy is serious about daing you?
Hi :) This is by far the most intense relationship I've been in, being a Scorpio myself I understand intensity, but it's the first time I've been with another Scorpio and it's full on. We argue often and if it's because we are both growing and pushing
Are we a good pair as friends? Lovers? Enemies? Nothing? xD His chart: Rising Sign: 29 degrees Leo Sun: 17 degrees Gemini Moon: 11 degrees Libra Mercury: 12 degrees Gemini Venus: 27 degrees Taurus Mars: 6 degrees Virgo Jupiter: 9 degrees Sagitt
I don't know my parents rising. But Dad Virgo Sun Scorpio moon. Mother Aries Sun Aries moon. Bother Leo Riser Cancer sun pisces moon. Me Sagittarius Rising Cancer sun Capricorn moon!
Hi everyone. so i am having real trouble with this guy. i love him a lot. he is a cancerian. we know each other for more than a year now. we went down a rough road while dating and broke up within 6 months. it was all my fault, i am a leo and quite impati
Man, Have ever received flowers from a woman ? Woman, Have you ever sent flowers to a man ?
So here goes and hopefully I'm not repeating a thread (if I am sorry, point me in the right direction/thread). I am Virgo male born on the 10th of September and there is a Virgo chic in one of my classes that is born on September 18. So at first I f
I met this Taurus man a couple of weeks ago at one of my best friends wedding. During the reception, I could tell by the vibes he was giving out that he wanted to get in my pants so he started to become really touchy. And because I'm not really a one nigh
Just for fun, What would his Sun sign and her Sun sign be? I seen this on Facebook... and I wondered what people on here might think... Don't take this personal people (rolling eyes emoji) https://www.facebook.com/REPURSIGN/photos/a.2636218137661
So we celebrated my bday a day earlier. Apparently that was a particularly good thing because some butter went down last night. I knew we shouldn’t bring alcohol into the house, but since it was my birthday and because I wanted to celebrate a few people. On
Ive come to learn that these are very contradicting traits.. How does this work for a guy with a sagittarius in venus but also a scorpio man. Like for example i know sagittariuses love outdoors and adventures whereas scorpio is very private. Im so confuse
Currently i feel like I'm in love....but i'm not seeing anyone. I normally feel like positive butter all of the time however this is an overwhelming feeling? I checked...it's not gas, nor is it indigestion. I also don't take drugs. So i'm assuming this is p
Love, oh essences of my beating heart Haven't yet met but never far apart Lapses of feelings unbound by emotions Self illumination aromatic devotions I don't see you but i can sure feel you Red beats currently in a state of blue
Hello everyone Those of you who are experienced with cancer men, or the ones that are good at astrology, I would take your advice here. It's not life and death, I'm not going crazy with this cancer guy in particular, just want to write down what I hav
For removing the "swipe" left and right feature to navigate thread pages... I lost so many posts that way D: Suggestion: I miss the "search" bar that was at the bottom within a specific post though. I don't like to read all of the thread *most* of t
I've been feeling extremely stressed out since Mid-July until this day... Everything literally gets on my nerves, very short tempered and find myself intimidated whenever someone bothers me to the point that I can get very blunt, saying things that seem i
https://pairedlife.com/compatibility/Signs-Your-Zodiac-Crush-Likes-You-Through-Texting-An-Astrology-Guide-to-Flirting Accurate or not?
Which means active, it's direction is "outer", but at the same time it's inner, because it's feminine. It's like forcing the "other" to be agressive. Making others make you rich (like through taxes, a debt, or inheritence). So what is the opposite? Tau