How libra behaves when we get jelous?

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Hmm I'm pretty patient ..i have to be to put up with what I do... Not sure what

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libra jealousy sucks, all the libra females i've met deny, deny, deny their jealous moments. they pretend it didnt happen and that it doesnt exist. my libra / scorp bf stated form the very begining 'I'm not a possesive guy, but i can be a bit jealous... if i see u with a guy and he gets close to u... i will get jealous'. Luckily he has that libran charm so that he doesnt look like the 'jealous psycho bf'. but otherwise the male libras seem straight forward about it to me.
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Hmm I'm pretty patient ..i have to be to put up with what I do... Not sure what
BUT ya still dont want to piss Scorpio off from what I understand haha

Idk I'never dated one b/fore =P
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Hmm I'm pretty patient ..i have to be to put up with what I do... Not sure what
I will say this much..
I'm married to a Sag. and im so jealous... I WILL ADMIT IT!!!

I really do not know why either..I think its b/c he is so care free at times...
Besides not to mention hes incredibly handsome =P MY GOD HE IS SO FINE!!! See he is all mine & I'm sharing him with nobodeee =D *winks

But I also know hes crazy about me so I don't let it get to out of control
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Hmm I'm pretty patient ..i have to be to put up with what I do... Not sure what
I forgot to add this..when u come across a jealous libra the BEST thing to do is to stop what you are doing to make libra jealous and immediately make love to libra..

WHATEVER you do, do not continue to do it b/c jealousy will turn into rage..honestly
I panic when I'm jealous....and yes deny it. I think we hate the fact that it may be someone else and not us...I wanna be the only one.
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Hmm I'm pretty patient ..i have to be to put up with what I do... Not sure what
hahahaha lololololol...i don't know why but this tickles me, lolololol :-)

See you may secretly like making him jealous I not right?? lol

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Hmm I'm pretty patient ..i have to be to put up with what I do... Not sure what
He had no idea what I was doing, but he did state that I was texting my other men. !

So we didn't cuddle at all that night and he was still moody this morning. He let it slip why he had an attitude so I politely showed him my phone so that he could see that I was on the internet and not texting. I even showed him the website (DXP) and my username.

Yes he is jealous..and he prob. want to be around you 24-7 as this is a common trait for Libras.
I have a problem with jealousy too, but its all in how you handle it. First if all if that is you in the are drop dead gorgeous so that has to be like 80% of the problem HAHA
SO of course he doesnt want you talking to anyone else but him...

But I know my husnband used to get mad when I got jealous and it made things really hard..we almost broke up numerous times over it. It is truly a problem with some Libras and I finally told him I had a problem with jeaously but I really didn't understand why I did so could he please just bear with it. His attitude has changed hes a lot more sensitive when I get upset and usually about something really stupid
He reassures me and reminds me that I'm the only one and will always be.
Maybe your man has the same issue..maybe he needs for you to be there with him and being more sensitive about it. It may be a real problem with him.

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Hmm I'm pretty patient ..i have to be to put up with what I do... Not sure what
anywho, i am attractive to guys, even his friends have approached me at some point or another.

Well thats why he is jealous then...AHHH YESS..the games..*hits head of course..I'm married now but I do remember those nasty little things...

To me..its best to be real.. and tell each other how you really feel. I mean isnt that what a relationship is really about???
Once you get married..its all about the true you..and there is no escape then!!! HAHAHA
But anyway, good luck =)
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"I'll tell you when I find out all about me, myself, and I"
I get sulky, withdrawn, and moody until I can talk some sense into myself....then i'm decent again LOL.
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"Totally freakin' awesome, LOVE being me! Posted by caligula
I'm not a jealous person, so sometimes I don't realize someone else is feeling jealous or out of sorts. It took a MAJOR out of sorts moment for me to realize that my Libra was getting very jealous about my weaseltastic ex trying to insinuate himself into mine and the kids' lives again, after all these years. In a spectacularly over the top idiotic way, mind you. (Driving two hours to settle an argument the 17 year old was having with the 14 year old over taking the trash out, because I wasn't there to do handle it right then!) I thought I gave Libra the reassurance he needed - the ex might be the father, but Libra is still the one being their Dad, and I have no feelings whatsoever for my idiot ex. I don't generally even speak to the ex except for when he's on his way to get the kids, bringing them back, etc.

But in the few days since then, there have been some bumps. My Libra seems a bit off, a bit quiet, a bit distant. And some SERIOUS amounts of crabby. For instance, at his Mom's last night, I was told it would have been his parents' 40th anniversary a couple days before (his Dad died four years ago.) Mom and I were laughing and smiling together about it, and I said, "Wow, Mom... 40 years with a Brocker. You're a strong woman!" All of a sudden, from the other room, my Libra says loudly and angrily, "Well, if you don't like being with a Brocker, you know you can just LEAVE!" Mom and I stare at each other for a second and shake our heads, grinning. We'll just let Mr. Crabby be crabby then. A bit later, I seek him out to give him a kiss, saying, "I know you get crabby sometimes, but I love you anyway." And he jerked away and ROARED (which in itself is strange!), "If I'm crabby, then just get away from me!" Fine, no problem. I spent the rest of the evening visiting with his Mom, and we had a great time while he sulked/napped and watched TV in the next room. We went home later, very quiet, not really speaking much aside from, "Working over tomorrow?" "Yes, why?" "Because I need to go grocery shopping when you get home." "Okay."

SO, Libras of the DXP boards... is this still his jealousy about the ex? If so, what kind of reassurance best reassures a Libra? I'm clueless. (And don't say really great sex, that doesn't seem to improve this moodiness for long, sad to say. I myself have been in a great mood, however! LOL)
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"I'll tell you when I find out all about me, myself, and I"
@Neffer, guess what?

Ignore him, don't cater to him, and stand your ground because you did not do a solitary thing wrong. I suggest this b/c if my boyfriend gave me such treatment if I was behaving the way your b/f is - i would get it together soon; snap right back to reality. Libras are very responsive to the right kind of stimuli. Left to our own devices we will realize just how silly we are behaving ESPECIALLY if it's without cause - If you keep catering to him then he will justify his jealousy.

At least that's how I work. Sometimes I need a swift kick in the booty (figuratively not literally) to get my act together.

Now, on the other hand, if you have been indulging the ex, in any kind of way; your libra man could be thinking of pay-back...I know I would.
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my libra gets frustrated and spouts off a bunch of things about it. then, he will walk away for a lil while to think about it and realizes that maybe he overreacted a lil bit. i think it's cute cuz it lets me know how much he really passionately care for me!
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"Totally freakin' awesome, LOVE being me! Posted by caligula
Well, good deal then. The closest (and ONLY) time I came to any sort of "catering" was seeking him out and getting roared at while we were at Mom's. Since then, I've left him to his own devices - he can sulk all he likes, I *know* I did nothing wrong. Besides, I've got him figured out after all this time; when he's pulling away, distant, borderline cold, clearly having an internal argument with himself.. that's when he cares and loves me the most. It's his defense mechanism. We've all got them, including me. Have at it, sweetheart. I'll still be here when you get it all sorted out. Quietly.

And though I was there, I was not *right there* - I pursued my own hobbies. I read a book, took a long bubble bath, chatted with a friend on the phone. We went to Mom's to mow her lawn and hang her new curtains - instead of grocery shopping, that's today LOL She and I get along like wildfire, always have. And so my "Brocker" finally says, "Is something wrong, honey? You seem kind of quiet." And I answer, "I've just got a lot on my mind these past couple days. It's giving me a headache." And later, at bedtime, he cuddles close to me and says, "You're still quiet. Are you mad at me, love?" And you know what? I melted. It only takes acknowledgement of my feelings to change them LOL So I turned to cuddle him back and bury my face in his chest, and he said, "I'm sorry I've been so crabby lately. You don't deserve that." (And so watch the Libra Scales re-balance in an instant when I simply smile and say nothing... and kiss him.)

I feel no need to rehash when he's been crabby - he already knows it, acknowledged it, and even apologized for it. It's happened before, and will happen again. My way has always been to allow him the time and space to work it out on his own. I admit when I'm wrong, or I've made a mistake and need to apologize... but if I've done nothing, it's all on him. I just wondered if that was the BEST way to handle it with a Libra... and apparently, it is. Mine's just as stubborn as a Taurus or Aries sometimes, actually those two have nothing on a Libra's stubbornness, and it can take him three days to sort it out for himself. And since any "help" from me will actually hinder the process, I'm glad I'm *supposed* to be leaving him alone. Besides, he always seems to love and cherish me MORE after one of these, never less
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