Introverted Libras...

Yes, Yes, I am still alive and still foolin with my best-friend. Went there for his bday and had a wonderful couple days.. OMG!!! Could not screw his brains out like I really really wanted to bc I was on my "monthly friend".. who I am thankful for, but can truly ruin a party, every time.. Dang IT!

Anyway.. introverted libra almost sounds like an oximoron right.. well yeah, that's exactly what it feels like too a constant contradiction..

He talked and talked over the past two weeks about seeing me soon, had to have me, right NOW.. his bday was 9/24, so it had only been a week that I was gone from him that he wanted to see me again, so I made all these plans for him to come here last week and several days before he was to come he says.. "well I dunno" and gets all cold toward me.. WTF! So I, who is also very introverted wrote him a strong email about his BS and how I felt he was playing with me, and how I never expected this from my best friend, when he did ALL the pursuing and planning to come here, then turns cold.. Then I cut off my phone bc I did not want to talk to him..

So of course we talk the next day and he says "I am afraid that your ex will come after me and I couldn't tell you". A girl he use to messed with had a crazy ex who stalked him and threatened to kill him several times.. he is afraid my ex will do the same and I cant say that he won't.

Then he gets all lovie-dovie towards me the rest of the week. Saying ILY all the time and calling me "baby" which he only does after we have had a big blow up.

I have noticed that everytime I try to get rid of him and go off, he changes and gets all warm and sensitive on me and will spill his guts about how he really feels about me. He told me he has, in a way, been in love with me for many years, but could not tell me bc he had a girlfriend, then I was married, so he kept it in.. Said when I was there, was the only time he felt at home in his new house, now it feels like he is living in someone elses house again. OMG I was so flattered.. I said, "why are you just NOW telling me all this?" of course he doesn't know why.. "I dunno" is a libras favorite line.

Why do I have to be at the point of letting go and going off before the truth comes out? Libra's are already hard to figure out but an introverted one has triple the effect..
Sigh.... I so admire your patients phenominal.
He has the same birthday as me!! Sometimes, we are better loving people from a distance. To explain better..when we're not with you, we think about you all romantically and with the rose-tinted glasses..we know the reality is different and that's what makes us seem cold. Its not you..honestly..he's just struggling with his feelings.

Tip: let him do all the running..he'll love you more!!
I agree, go on with your life and let him chase you - you've done more than enough waiting and should really make this guy sweat it, but you already know how I feel about it true to yourself

Chatz, do you have a new relationship (potential) going on? If you don that mermaid costume they'll start coming out of the woodwork!
Atom, I am seeing somebody yes, just casually - not ready for a new full on r/ship as yet and they understand this. Still good friends with Mr Libra too
QS.. How's it going girly?? Patient.. Yes.. but trying to enjoy it also..

Sola.. Are you an introverted libra too?? Thanks a bunch for the advice. That's what I have been trying to do all these years.. so I guess Im on the right track.. just sit back and keep watching him chase his own tail in front of me, round and around we go... he does cute tricks too, when I throw him a bone.. we are trying the act out for the circus.. (sometimes I feel like I am already in a circus) hehehe.. that's mean, he really is my closest friend..

Chatz .. you already know.. no need for words, I was just putting it out there to see what others thought about my madness..

Atom, what happened to your libra.. Ive been ghost for a long long time...
I guess at heart i am introverted..even though to others i appear extrovert. I know that when it comes to love..i hate to feel exposed or vulnerable. You really need to be overly affectionate and verbal about what you want..if we have a choice we are all over the place..the wrong place!!! Im not so good at explaining..maybe just take the lead then..we like that..a strong person to guide us.

When he is him more..its the only way.
Aqua, where should I begin? I am single and lonely at times, but I have my lovely daughter and my health. I am good. I just hope your libra comes around and you didn't just sit around and wait for nothing.
QS..WOW.. so honest and humble. No libras to play with, even to befriend? Well, even the ones that are just friends can tend to sneak in there on you.. maybe its best not to tread those dangerous waters..

Sola... You are good. Thank you for your advice. He is exactly the same, very outgoing and funny, but claims to be introverted and shy when it comes to love. And yes, he is all over the place too, but is keeping his thumb on me to make sure I don't go anywhere while he flanders around. What you wrote is very helpful to me. Thank you because often I get hung up on what he is saying and doing, and instead of taking control I just keep trying to walk away, which is obviously not going to happen since he is my best friend. Also, Aqua's sometimes have trouble with our pride getting in the way of us just taking what we know is ours. We want our lovers to beg us, basically, and we hate to give in if things dont happen our way. Kinda spoiled rotten by default of our sign.
Well, he is never going to beg you for anything..we have pride too!! Sounds like you both find it difficult to meet in the middle!! Honestly, make the bold moves and you will move past this point of frustration. When you keep walking away, he will be thinking that you aren't interested enough for him to be able to really open up to you..he's scared.

BUT..if you think he's playing with you, then let it all go, because you dont want a broken heart while he makes up his mind. You need to make it clear (in the sweetest way of course)!! that next time he blows you off its for good, and mean it. You need to know that you're strong enough to stay away..or else you will find yourself here time after time....
agreed, totally agreed.....all these years - its time to take this man or let him go
Aqua, now you know Librans are always available for playing... I am just done with the games. Guess I get bored with charade fast. The last Libra relationship didn't work out. However, they are the best friends to keep.
Aqua, you are much to good to play this yo-yo game. Stand your ground, if you don't he will continue to play. Trust me on this.
Thanks guys. I will never let him go as we are best friends who have crossed the lines.. and maybe should not have. I just gotta take back some of the control by letting him know that we need to just be friends and that is all if he is confused or unsure. I go where he lives the end of the month and am hoping things will get cleared up then, either way.

QS.. the game is a tricky one and very intollerable at times.. as we both know from past marriages, the game can be a rewarding one too, if you choose the right Libra.
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