*****Is He Testing me and if so why ******

hi All

I have been reading for a few days and I have had my mouth wide open each time as each experience sounds like everything I have been through with the newly deadly fall for a Libra man!

Now it all happened too quickly and we had an instant most powerful connection. He lured me and flirted with me and I fell for it. I got the occassional "i like you" from him which I now understand what it means thanks to these boards!! LOL but then as soon as I started responding to the flow of feelings, poof! he was gone

he has been disappearing on and off of communicaion and I wonder what has changed all of a sudden! Obviously without knowing I have complained and pleaded and I would get like a 3 line email response after a dozen emails!!!

what happened to the libra man who was intrigued and caved in by a gorgeous, stylish, elusive and womanly woman pisces girl!

I have decided to stop cut off contat with him as his behaviour has been very confusing and it's not easy either to hold this up on my side, but I wonder if he will ever react to my having disconnected as I am reading here that he doesn't take action etc etc

my question is, is the sudden change a test to me to see if I am worthy of his love or is it a test for himself as he may not be sure anymore about me ?

Sorry guys if I was vague it's my first post I will catch to the boards vibe soon I promise!

get used to it - it will remain that way....the on/off Libran ways....if you're strong enough to endure it? go for it but if you're worried at this point? save yourself now because no, he's not testing you, he's simply being him
wow!! thank you Chatz you are spot on as always!

I wonder if it's something I should address with him as I cannot stand it! I have tried before though he is a lil stubborn and has a lot of logical mind control reasons for why he does things that make you feel stupid for questioning the behaviour in the first place!

ok this could be hopeless


thanks again!

oh Pisces sister:
yup, I have had both with Libra guys. I think the more you go about your ways the more they come back...as if to say, whatever...

Not sure either. I really like my Lib. as well, but with his (2) sisters on either side, I am not sure of his sudden change in patterns (havent seen or heard of him in a couple weeks). His sisters are curious as hell and one has stopped asking me about him...so I dunno if she knows something I dont.

we went out last weekend and we usually have a group going out...so this one guy (which Lib. never talks about (he sorta dogs his other (2) friends) but this guy is a long time friend of his too) well, he shows up (2) weeks in a row and then when he mentioned going out on Sat. Lib's sis. and I said ok, but then she backs out (Libra too) and offers the friends phone # to go out w. him if I wanted to.

that was wierd. like I felt I was being set up to go out with one of the inner circle guys and I declined to call her back or get the guys phone #.

I'll wait and remain neutral on it all until I know what is going on.
I have had Libras disappear (sort of a regenerating period) they work hard and play hard as well. I have had Libras up my butt...just play it cool. until you know the scoop, but i wouldnt be sitting by the phone either.

I told one friend in regard to ltl sister offering the guys phone #, the friend stated "she just didnt want you going out with anyone else". I dont know if that was really the case...I get the feeling its like, she is inadvertantly getting me to think I should move on and the Lib. dznt have the cajones to tell me str8 up.

sofa king we todd it
wow thank you moon that is sounding real crazy! you seem pretty calm that's admirable

this is new to me honestly the guy who took my virginity years ago was a libra but i was young and not in love whatsoever and quickly ran off with someone else after discovering lies from him and yes the disappearance was still there and it used to hurt me... I cheated on him while he was on his disappearance and when he returned he found out from his friends and seemed humilliated! he played me real hard but it was easy for me to move on then.

I think pisces have a tendency to quietly run away or also just leave when things get rough like that, we hurt and take our hurt away and go! I hope this is not what I am doing right now I am hoping this new guy will come around I am praying, I can't stop thinking about him!

i can honestly say this is the official first time i have had my heart crunched by a libra and i am shocked at all of this behaviour!

i somehow feel empathy for them though as I feel they are harmless and insecurish... but I think they are quick witted mentally and they can ruin your head and that's their power really! THE MIND CONTROL lolol

I'm so glad i know what I know thank you so much!
sure...this guy is not the 1st Lib. I have been with either...I dated one for several years- he never did the disappear on me (well, not without starting some stupid crap first) and then he knew I would fight and disappear myself...he was crazy for me and was up my butt for a long time...then, I would need my freedom and tell him str8 up...I have things to do- you need to get a hobby or something...it was nice to be someone's "all" but it gets taxing after a while.

That is why this time around, I care, but I stay focused enuff to remain "open" for the return

the first weekend he disappeared, they were all asking me where he was...I was like I dunno and we called him from the meeting spot...I gave the phone to his sister and was like I cant hear anything you talk to him.
I was with some friends of mine and we danced and acted stupid for most of the nite and his ltl sis was dancing with some guy...
the next weekend, I get flack for dancing 90% by myself as usual, and also for dancing with the sis and some guy she was dancing with- I dont know the guy and he was all in her grill...I had nothing to do with that other than messing around and dancing with them
the following weekend I run into this guy that I have known for years, I go and talk to him and the inner circle guy (a Taurus) and ltl sis were watching the whole time...
so I get this feeling like I am being watched for sincerity or slip up to validate his vanishing
I dunno if he is back with an old ex of his or seeing someone as well.
I mean he told me he went to such and such bar on Sat. nite (which I dont really go out on Sat. nites) and had a beer and went home. I really cant talk to his sister about anything as I get the feeling she relays what I say or starts trouble. cant put my finger on it.
one thing Libras can do is hold their Ace card longer than most I have known...its how they remain innocent in the face of adversity...they wait for someone else to make a stupid move and then jump all over that.
its why I dont hold my breath but on the other hand try and brush off any sort of advancement from guys trying to talk to me...I want to remain neutral and really, I am just not interested in any of the other jokers...

I suppose I made an off the wall comment or something, and he's reacting to that...or other factors that make a person appealing or a handful...single mom's can be a handful
female from TX •
yes, get used to it. my fiance' must be going through this spell right now because he's currently out of town for 3 days and didn't really consult with me about it - just asked if we had plans. WHen I told him no, he said he was going out of town. He's been gone since last night and wll be gone thru Sunday. They go thru this. BUT I'm also kinda glad he's doing it because we do spend a lot of time together and we both need this time away from each other to regroup.
Thank you so much Guys

I feel strongly and peaceful about dropping everything and seeing it as a past memory..

we hadn't developed anything significant when I decided to stop contacting him, and when I decide to walk away I walk away for good

I feel so sorry for him because he is really clueless and he doesn't know how much his behaviour works against him!

But I maybe slowly reaching the verge of no return! A real and big decision for me again like I said once I make up my mind I'm gone

My last Libra called me about three months after I broke up with him and pretended nothing was wrong, sweet talking and hoping we could have a treetrunking dinner!

I turned the poor guy off his charms so bad I was feeling sorry for how clueless he was and how dumb he was for calling me, i had really moved on he probably hadn't digested it. last time i heard of him was from an old mutual friend saying the libran guy and him had seen/watched me from a distance walking into my house with my new partner after a day at work ... I know this sounds evil and pisces evil but it's the sweetest revenge I thought I could ever hear of! hahaha *evil grin*

I don't wanna do the same to my new Libra if he decides to contact me again!! how can I balance this out!

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"tall, dark and handsome"
Libra will screw up a Pisces every time. Your emotions are so strong and the very essence of you that it will be near impossible to ever truly relate to a Libra. Better matches out there w/ signs that will APPRECIATE you!

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