Libra wont say I love you.

deep in my heart i wanna say i love you but i cant until i hear it first. And then i would act surprised if they do say it.
My Libra mate also says I love you. I can never force him to say it nor have I ever tried to force him to say it. Sometimes he can say it like 5 times in 10 minutes. He says it a lot when we are dancing in the bed. Then a few days can go and he doesn't say it at all and out of nowhere its adoration, lovey, lovey, kissie, kissy. My Libra boo actually told me he loved me first and I told him I didn't think he knew and he was so mad LOL.

But sometimes it has nothing to do with your sign it is just the person and truly if they are in love with you are not. Also look at the air element and think about it in terms of love. Just because you don't hear, see or feel it (air) doesn't mean that it is not there. Libra's have an airy way of expressing love. Sometimes you hear it sometimes you don't. Sometimes you see it sometimes you don't. Sometimes you feel it sometimes you don't. I personally think it depends on the scales if they are balanced and what side they are on.

Could be wrong but this has been my experience with my mate. :p
My libra loves me and says it sometimes. He'd say it more often if I said it back but I haven't yet. But I know when I do I will mean it... He could be waiting a while...
i could tell my libra loved me and it happened very quickly. he didnt tell me he loved me till he was sure i would say it back and mean it though. i have found libras in the past that find it hard to say the L word but not with my Libra. but he has venus in scorp so suppose that made it easier for him. or maybe the ones who dont say it just arnt in love??? i never used to tell people i loved them and on looking back its because deep down i knew that i didnt love them even though i wanted to.
*blink* Sometimes... sometimes I'm just brought nearly to my knees by the sudden rush of overwhelming love I have for this Libra man. I feel happy, content.. and blessed.

I re-read this thread cuz it was bumped.. and then found my own words staring at me.. it's all still true.. except he DOES speak the words more often now, and usually first. I do not wish for more or less... Still clutches at my heart.. cuz after all this time together, through thick and thin.. we've never ever allowed it to become just a meaningless statement we parrot to each other out of habit.
Oh, and yes, I originally said those three little words first. I'm a Pisces, so that's not a shock. It took him a bit longer to say them back, but not long enough for me to feel like an idiot. LOL
Yes, Pandora, I'd say he's mirroring YOUR unsureness and insecurity. When Libras are in LOVE, they DO pursue.. and though after awhile it won't be with the fiery intensity of a Leo or Aries... he will still go out of his way to make you feel cherished and adored, his #1.

My Libra doesn't often SPEAK the words "I love you" and though part of me WOULD love to hear them more often, and not usually in exasperation, "I can't believe you don't know how much I love you! I feel like I've failed to show you that you mean so much to me!" (Virgo Moon LOL)... but his ACTIONS say he loves me, every day. When we're apart he still misses me.. still calls and texts. He says I am the thing that's most on his mind. He's out with the guys tonight, and I know I'll be hearing from him very soon. He'll call to make sure I don't need milk or something on his way home. Even though he HATES being woken up, because *I* like to be woken and kissed before he leaves, he goes against his nature to give it to me. Brings me coffee. We sit and talk about our days; he's always interested in all the boring details of my housewife's life. He holds me when I'm sad or stressed, respects my feelings and opinions, calls me his best friend and biggest fan, and won't let me get away with falling into old habits of shutting down or shutting him out. Picking up beer to go hang with friends, he'll buy me a Coke or a 6 pack of Mike's or something else - because I don't drink beer. When we're lying in bed watching TV, he'll turn on Food Network or Nat Geo - because he knows I like them (but never Lifetime or HGTV lol) When I join him and he's already watching the History Channel or Sports Network, he'll lift his arm for me to snuggle into and if he's not totally engrossed, ask if I'd like to watch something else. (Usually I don't -- I'm content to watch anything lying there with my head on his chest.) When I'm making dinner, he walks up behind me to kiss my neck -- and asks if I need help with anything. He allows NO ONE to disrespect me, himself included. I could go on and on.

So if I had to choose between him just SAYING he loves me OR all the ways he shows it... I can do without the words as often. And when he DOES say them, it still clutches my heart and takes my breath away... because he ONLY says the words when he's not only overwhelmed with love inside, but when he feels safe and secure expressing it verbally... even in front of his buddies.
Sounds like your a busy Libra...and that you have confusion with all signs...
(( So why not be truthful?? Still I question the games...If it is only lust that you are feeling then be truthful with the person...It is not taking advantage of a person if you make them aware of how you feel, it is when you manipulate to get what you want...I don't believe it's subconscious either....It's selfish and inconsiderate to the other person...
And it shows that there is no control over your own emotions...))

How can he be sure how he feels unless he cross check with few other libras who chased leo girls on how they all felt? I know its like that bcoz of the various case histories btween libra male and leo girl i have gone thru during the past 2 years. Plus results of my own experiments with myself and leo girls.

For any generic libra who is a part of this society, his idea of love is confused. He is attracted to a leo, enjoy being with her, but something is not right. He love to shag her, he likes so many things in her, but there is a huge block for him to be honest and be himself with the leo girl. And leo girl will get hurt for every silly reason we can think off. And libra is not going to censor his teasing and will be observing their reaction every damn second and studying them closely. And in the end he figures out there are many things in her which he dont like but he is not willing to leave her. which makes him search for the other reasons and he will end up finding the lust factor. Then he panics. Feels ashamed, all guilty, unable to say anything properly, part of him says "why not go ahead and keep doing what you were doing" and other part says "tats not fair". and he runs away.

was it soon after you tried to disappear on him?

nah, but if I'm not mistaken at the time I was calling him out on something he did wrong to me...i think...

The user who posted this message has hidden it.

So why not be truthful?? Still I question the games...If it is only lust that you are feeling then be truthful with the person...It is not taking advantage of a person if you make them aware of how you feel, it is when you manipulate to get what you want...I don't believe it's subconscious either....It's selfish and inconsiderate to the other person...
And it shows that there is no control over your own emotions...
((How is manipulating someone being fair and honest???)
Its not. It begins as a subconscious drive. Once he is sure of what he is doing and why he is doing, he will start pulling away and permanently cut himself off to avoid taking advantage of the other person. This is what happens in a Libra man leo girl situation.

Manipulation part is what i have deducted after a series of studies. Most times we are unaware of the actual reasons why we flirt a bit more with someone and why we consider using the 'love' word. It only makes us feel like we are chasing someone. But in a while we get back to our senses after the initial lust is over.
HH, this is true, but he can only love again whe he is ready and no one can put a time frame on that but him.
I spent a lot of my younger years doing much of the same thing...Being afraid of getting hurt and pushing people away...It's such a waste of time being bitter...I think it takes time to come into your own and to be happy on your own...

My Libra is so angry, bitter and insecure over the last relationship...He always use to ask me how upset I was, could I sleep, basically trying to pry out of me if I was really upset over our time apart...
I would always tell him I'm fine, sleeping fine ect...Told him I'm not going to lie down and die because he dosen't want to be with me..

.I don't think he understood this...But I am past the point in my life where i am going to rely on anybody for my happiness, yes I am sad that he dosen't want to be with me but I will move on...I told him how I feel , got rejected but I am strong enough to deal with the outcome...

I think that most people who are afraid of love, commitment and trusting, really don't trust themselves to be able to handle the outcome if things don't work out...There is no gaurantee in anything..People cheat, leave, pass away...

So I guess what i'm trying to say is that I can relate to how a hurt Libra feels, but it is such a waste of time, to not work through the issues and love again without the games..

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