Second decan Libras

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Does anyone know about second decan Libras? Particularly men of this sign.
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The Second Decan of Libra is also known as the Aquarius Decante and the "Week of Society." Individuals born during this period are fair-minded but unsettled in disposition. Their ability to understand other people make them natural leaders and they are often shrewd enough to turn this to their own advantage. When swayed by the moody influence of Saturn (the primary Planet governing this Decan), these natives can display impatience and will frequently use considerable daring in an effort to attain immediate goals. Nonetheless, the powers of Saturn and Uranus (this Decan's secondary ruling Planet), can result in a true humanitarian, one who could succeed in science, medicine or government. Alternatively, the power of Uranus can lead to a something of a rebellious that balks against restrictions and places immense value on liberty and autonomy. Something of a social creature, a native of this Decan wants to make a splash in society and has a strong desire to make friends. Still, they tend to play the edges in relationships...pushing the envelope at every opportunity. With a strong dislike of hypocrites, individuals born during this time period take immense pleasure in exposing such persons. Their acquaintances are usually eclectic and come from all walks of life. Driven more by logic and less by love-hunger, those ruled by this Decan are basically free spirits...ones who are blessed with sex appeal and who are popular and outgoing. The inherent gift for self-expression and original thinking can result in real wealth and there is a natural link to future technology, coupled with marvellous ideas and the ability to sell them. In addition, natives born during this time period would probably make for passionate defense attorneys. The motto of the Second Decan of Libra is "Poise."

* Pretty accurate for my Second Decan Libra, esp the parts I bolded lol
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This is a nice site:

Says such things about Libra-Gemini as:
Libra and Gemini

This pairing comes with similar attitudes, feelings and intellect. If both partners are an equal force, then an ideal situation of personal freedom should exist. Here, each individual harbors a need for constant change together with a shared love of a very active social life. However, the Gemini partner will have to make Libra feel totally independent so that the Libra native can lead his or her own life since Libra rates this aspect of freedom on a higher level than does Gemini. Natives of Libra are not domestically inclined and this could lead to some nagging on the part of the Gemini mate to share some of the burden in this area, resulting in a speedy exit from the relationship on the part of Libra. Gemini's displays of childish temperament could be considered out of line by the Libra native, although he or she may respond in a favorable manner to the Gemini insecurities and jealousy that are the root of the problem. Still, if Gemini takes this too far, or does it too often, then he or she will lose the sympathy of Libra. Since both individuals believe a relationship must always be worked at, this could be a rewarding union. Romantic Libra will constantly be wooing his or her loved one, openly expressing affection at every given opportunity...of course, it should be noted that it is inherent in the Libra personality to behave in the same fashion to all of his or her sweethearts. Natives of Gemini are always in love with love and will feed happily on these avowals, making them more secure in the affair. The Libra individual is a highly-charged soul when it comes to intimacy and thus, romantic interludes between this couple will lack nothing. In addition, life itself will never be dull for this pair and while not an ideal union, love can make it a successful match.

The Libra/Gemini affair is basically an enjoyable relationship rooted in intellectual interests and mental agility. The dual nature of Gemini adores Libra's balance and Libra cannot fail to be entertained by the chatty and brainy Gemini. Libra loves art and beauty while Gemini loves the beauty of an idea...but these loves are not too far from one another. There is a great deal of mental energy in this pairing and both partners can hatch all sorts of magnificent ideas when working together. Plus, Libra has the "get up and go" ability needed to put those ideas
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into action...a quality that is often lacking in the Gemini character. In the birth of an idea, Gemini is better at pontification than direction, but this is a valuable contribution to the Libra mental process. In addition, both individuals share a need for intellectual freedom...something each can certainly provide to one another.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Hence, these two Signs work well together, combining the forces of love and communication. However, virtually above all else, Libra prizes harmony in a romantic affair. Thus, Gemini will be unable to indulge the inherent love of a good hearty debate very often, since Libra would rather do almost anything than argue. Libra and Gemini are both governed by the element of Air. Gemini adores Libra's energy and will experience no trouble in keeping up when Libra is off and running with a new idea, project or other pursuit. Since both Signs possess wide-ranging interests, there will be a plethera of wonderful material for provocative discussion. Libra is Cardinal in quality and Gemini is Mutable. Libra likes the position of leader in a relationship. Those governed by this Sign most often come up with the ideas for where to go on a date, for example, and flexible Gemini is more than happy to go along...provided it is in order to change his or her mind at the last minute. Libra tends to initiate things, but has trouble in finishing them...Gemini is so adaptable that he or she will have no problem switching gears at a moment's notice and quickly moving on to something else, should Libra become bored. The ability here to work together as an intellectual team can expose each partner to new and different points of view and areas of interest. Thus, each can help the other to open up new worlds.

In essence, this combination is favorable in terms of longevity. Both partners have much in common and sufficient contrast to make for a rather ideal union. Plus, each individual favors similar changes of interests. In this relationship, Libra probably plays the judge while Gemini play the responsive jury. The nature of each mate brings out the better part of the other. Gemini will find it easy to communicate with Libra, who is always delighted to share information and ideas.
I am a 2nd decan libra....what would you like to know?
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How do you approach the dating if a girl interests you? Are you shy?

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She's a third decan Gemini girl, not a Scorp
(See:>her topic.)

Personally, I'm STOKED that someone other than us Water signs are diggin' on Libras again.
Libra board is drowning LOL

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*facepalm* and until THIS VERY SECOND.. I hadn't even seen her tiny little comment lol

*drags toe in the sand* Sowwy.
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So sorry, I haven't responded to your posts! But thank you for the replies. I just wanted to know what really interests the second deacon Libra guy. I know one but I notice that he's kind private about his business. Doesn't talk much about personal things. I guess I'm just curious to know what appeals to this guy and what kind of women attract them. I've never met anyone that I just couldn't figure out and it's driving me crazy! Lol
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Hmmm.. you could look through my recent posts on Libra guys; I talk about him a lot. Mine's also a second decan Libra, and I feel I've got a pretty good grasp of him and what makes him tick. Mine might not be exactly like yours (with other placements like Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury.. those all tell us a lot about what *flavor* of a Libra you have) but it's a starting point

Curious what your Libra's chart looks like, though.
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As far as I know he's a second decan libra with a moon in Leo

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