Sex horoscope for libra women

Women who were born under this sign are known for their beauty and beautiful complexion as well as for their deep disgust to everything that is unattractive.

These women have good manners, they dress stylishly, use expensive perfume and like expensive jewelry. They do like luxury and they do adore art: music, architecture, painting. Their home is beautifully designed and looks elegantly.

When things come to men a woman Libra is very choosy. Her man must be as excellent as diamond on her finger. He has no chance to win her love if he is not up to her high standards.

Libra seems to be very proud of herself and she does adore herself, but at the same time she is very self-critical. She wants to be up to the highest standards and she is ready to change something if needed.

Woman Libra is not quite faithful. She likes flirtation and she flirts with any man she meets and forgets him as soon as he disappears from her field of vision. Her affection rarely turns out to be deep and long lasting.

Since Libra is ruled by Venus, a woman born under this sign is usually a good lover.
I don't know if someone already posted this but i love share this one muscle + honey hahaha . .
But do not forget about her disgust to everything that seems unattractive to her. Do not undress in her presence if your body leaves much to be desired. Go to the gym or turn off the light before getting naked, otherwise a passionate night with her will remain no more than your dream.

Women Libras prefer men of art: actors, singers, writers, artists, musicians, but not men of affair. One woman Libra said: "What to me, I think that God created businessmen because he needed someone to do dull work that does not require imagination"

In fact Libra is not interested in a man as he is. He wants to be adored. She needs someone who would adore her as she is a gem while a man is only a setting.

Libra hates hurrying and she likes slow sex. She does not like spontaneity or brutality - never suggest her having sex in a car or in a public place! She prepares for sex like for a performance - she does consider bedroom to be a stage where she plays the main role.

Before sex she takes bath with aromatic oils, dusts her belly, shaves her genitalia, gets on sexy lingerie, so she prepares very thoroughly. She creates erotic atmosphere in the room - candles, pillows, aroma lamps, beautiful sheets. She might even prepare a scenario of your night of love.
She likes making love in a room with big mirrors. She likes it when she lies on her belly and the lover strokes her back and buttocks tenderly. Then she will turn to let him caress her breast.

A woman who was born under this sign has strong vaginal muscles and she can use them for more satisfying sex. She can contract the muscles to envelope the penis and relaxes them when needed. Some women do that so well, that a man can cum even without intercourse.

If she spent a night with you, do not wake her up in the morning for breakfast. Invite her to dinner with champagne and say she was wonderful in bed. After that invite her to shower to continue your play. By the way, she likes water and cleanliness.

She likes sweeties. Apply some honey to your penis, she will like its taste. By the way, do not touch her head during oral sex - she has very sensitive head and your touches are likely to seem unpleasant to her.

She likes her body and she likes showing it and taking care about it. Gift her sexy lingerie, balms and oils - she will appreciate it.

Being delighted with her body she can even turn on looking at it, so she often masturbates and does that with great pleasure.

She is very inventive and her fantasies might shock you. She can put a silk scarf in your anus and then she will take it off when you cum or she can use a vibe on your anus while performing oral sex. She likes sex toys, sexy wear, role plays, ticklers, some fetish elements, you will never get bored with her
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Libra hates hurrying and she likes slow sex. She does not like spontaneity or brutality - never suggest her having sex in a car or in a public place! She prepares for sex like for a performance - she does consider bedroom to be a stage where she plays the main role.

Whaaat? No way, I love spontaneity and car sex (sorry tmi) though it can be awkward, is fun. Also, something about the thrill of the public (not too public, of course) always gets me. My bf, however, disagrees and unfortunately, isn't as eager to explore the public realm.
Yes very true I always get compliments for my complexion
I am Aries with Libra Ascendant
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Libra women my lovely Air companions :-) let me tell you, i got mad love for you. You ladies are intelligent / classy / beautiful / smart / and strong /....and you understand us Gems better than other signs! I love the way you think, you have a sense of humor that is underestiamated. Just wanted to put my thought's in here about you i couldn't pass it up :-) So my beautiful libra companions keep doing what your doing, and always stay strong!
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no butt-play. PLEASE--NEVER. my scarves will remain out of your rectum or there will be problems! lol.
keep the honey off your dong, too, for that matter.

lol!!lmsao!!! oh now THAT was funny! i agree 100% please leave my scarves alone!!
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Batuk your welcome! And yes such women do exist There out and about for sure
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" for the DXPers on my block list: "
sorry just farted, well aries are pretty amazing at treetrunking, libras you should totally get with an aries
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Your welcome LibraLuv :-)

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