Why do libras like cuddling more than sex? Prunes

25 years old female from CA •
Love entertainment :} Shows I love; Dexter Grey's Anatomy
Left a libra for that reason. I knw for a fact im not bad at what I do. X)
But my friend keeps asking me why they arent that type and I have no clue.

My ex used to always rather hold me close but he's never like
me txtn dirty stuff. He would be like "your so perverted babe" but wouldn't
reply to the dirty txt. He was such a ...prune? Maybe thats the word for it lol
28 years old female from england •
I've never experienced this with libra's?? All the Libra's I know love to talk about sex! My man will happily cuddle me AFTER sex, he tries to before but neither of us have anyself control haha cuddles turn into sex no matter where we are. We are both venus in scorp though. Maybe it's something else in his chart?? To be fair though I'm not that into talking dirty, we either get dirty or we dont, I dont feel the need to talk about it lol. I would if my partner really wanted me to though.
28 years old female from england •
Posted by TastesOfChaos

What a complete wrinkled purple mess you have here...

Look, just talk to him about it... but DONT over do it, otherwise... you'll get the butters.
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he prolly has a venus in Virgo ..can't win 'em all
25 years old female from CA •
Love entertainment :} Shows I love; Dexter Grey's Anatomy
Posted by libragemmale
he prolly has a venus in Virgo ..can't win 'em all

Im pretty sure. his bday was in sep

and for the record ppl TRUST ME i did it all right. i was just not
into germans. lol
"male Sun Libra , Gemini decan Moon Gemini
Hey I'm sorry Im just kidding really !
female from Florida •
" December 9 1987. Sun - Sagittarius
I have not noticed this to be the case...the opposite actually.


He loves dirty talk and I'm the one who doesn't know what to say and just giggles a little. :/
It's weird.
I think Libra Venus types would probably get disgusted of dirty talk.

Libra Mercs too.

female from Florida •
" December 9 1987. Sun - Sagittarius
My Libra is Venus in Libra, Merc in Libra...loves dirty talk.

I mean obviously he would never publicly say any of it. But in private...freak

Libras...and esp Venus in Libras are like the ultimate definition of "lady/gentleman in the streets..." you know where I'm going
"male Sun Libra , Gemini decan Moon Gemini
Inheart I would think Venus in Libra would be pretty darn flirty ..so dirty-talk would be encouraged and practiced. Makes perfect sense to me
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Hmm. Maybe it's because you are a cancer. Personally, I think libras = cancers. lol. They are just like cancers to me, but a lot of libras don't like that association. In fact they resent being compared to cancers because apparently the 2 signs are incompatible. Just a thought.
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Posted by starlover
Virgo placements dont really lend
to pervie stuff


If you truly believe that then you dont know much about astrology.
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" December 9 1987. Sun - Sagittarius
Posted by everevolvingepithet
Shouldn't you be tending to his manly needs, the chinese isn't he only thing that'll taste better warmed up lol

this fine example
female from Florida •
" December 9 1987. Sun - Sagittarius
female from Florida •
" December 9 1987. Sun - Sagittarius
not really.

but you're still tacky.
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