are libra men good in bed

12/4/2001 3:27:22 PM | More

You said it!
11/28/2001 9:25:30 PM | More

Yes, but Scorpios are the masters of sex!
11/28/2001 8:57:13 AM | More

i don't know about all libra men!
but my libra man is the best!
i am nuts about him.
10/31/2001 12:12:01 AM | More

Geez...are you hitting on me again Carly? I told you before-man-I don't swing that way! There are some other sites on the web where you can explore this desire of yours! Why don't you go and find them!
10/30/2001 7:41:51 PM | More

yeah , that's it, gee whiz guys , you found me out . I'm really a woman trapped in a man's body....or maybe I'm a man trapped in a woman's body . OH I got it !! Maybe Vor can tell me what or who I am since he seems to know all. Come on Vor.....fill my curiosity so I don't have to kill the cat ! While you're at it are you libra guys in bed ?? (wink wink)
10/29/2001 11:24:49 PM | More

DUH...I have somehow overlooked the obvious....You are bi-curious!!!! don't have to turn yourself into a girl to dig guys!!! This is can experiment with whoever you wish!!!! Remember Buddy...curiousity doesn't alway's kill the cat!lol!

10/29/2001 11:20:48 PM | More

Oh I get it are AC/DC...a sweet transvestite...maybe transexual? No wonder you are so confused! You know...there is counseling for this type of thing....take advantage of can learn to live in peace with your male(Carlos) and female(Christy) sides!
There is hope for you yet...hang tough there...bud!
10/29/2001 10:25:11 PM | More


I cannot even talk about it...
I am soooo choked up!
10/29/2001 9:08:02 PM | More

Vor ....since you can't figure it out...this is a female it would be my nasty female side....and please ONLY experienced Libras need answer.
10/29/2001 9:05:19 PM | More

Which one of your personalities wants to know Carlos/Christy? Your nasty male side or your ...well....nasty female side-LOL?
10/29/2001 6:50:06 PM | More

just curious...are libra men good in bed ?

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