is it true that libra women have the best...

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i heard these women really do have nice looking asses... if so, post some pics so i can decide for myself
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female from the sparrow tree

Five planets of Libra

Yes. Let's all jump and do that for him. @@
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Posted by TasteOfChaos
What the?

My ass is just peachy... but thats cuz I eat well and exercise...

If I didnt, it would look a lil something like this...

Im all for defining someones personality by their sign... but physical appearances?

i swear to thee god..i'll marry that amazon woman..she's probably just using that bike for a vibrator thou

naa butt for real, i know u shouldn't judge a person's ass by their sign but people talk..and they speak nothing but positive things about a libra ladies ass..i gotta see it to believe it
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31 years old male from Arizona  

In my experience, yes great ass.

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curious visitor

30 years old female from tampa area, florida  usa  

i wish. though, i guess it was pretty great when i worked out a ton. had some injuries that flare up anytime i do lower body exercise though, so now the butt is deflated. oh well.

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Posted by coorkie
Ass as in junk... or Ass as in how the booty work?

Idk, most Libra chicks I know are either really skinny, flat chested, and/or got no bootay...

And Lol D, you're real smooooth!

well, the perfect ass to me is nice and plump, yet firm..and the 1st ass that came to mind was serena i decided to find out what her sign was, and guess what? she's a gotdamn libra!!
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female from the sparrow tree

Five planets of Libra

* Venus women were created to please men

Who said anything about men? Perhaps they were just created to please.

I think this whole ass argument is a little silly since styles of attraction change. What is considered attractive in one culture at one time interval is not considered attractive in another. For example in Madagascar the fatter a woman is, the more attractive she is seen as being. In North America, not so much. There is a lot of reasoning and cultural meaning behind WHY those types are desirable but the differences remain.

So one Libra ass may be pleasing to one person, the same Libra ass may not be pleasing to others. And for the record, I know many, many, many libra lasses none of them are flat chested.
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a muse a libra

Just last weekend mine was deemed a "monument."

Near everybody concurs - my ass is my greatest asset (women and men alike).

Not sure about other Libras, but I know this is very true for me.
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Pride of 0ctober

male from back to the b@sics, texas  U-S-muthaphuckin A  


hell yea, libra women do imo and ime,

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