libra, cancer break up

what are some of the libra female turn-offs after a break-up?

how have you all been feeling during the past month? relationships?

I'm a cancer male(26). She's a libra female(21). We have lived together for two years, been engaged about ten months with a june wedding. She broke the engagement on march 20th and moved out with the two year-old baby she came into the relationship with. Her wedding dress arrived in the mail several days after she moved out. I was (and still am) devistated, but I want to relinquish sorrow about our differences and learn from recent mistakes on both of our parts and forgive myself and her.

I love this woman and know that she loves me. From a woman's perspective, is there anything I can do at this point to make any progress with her? She is very distant with me. I never cheated on her and she knows that. I doubt seriously that she cheated on me, although her flirtatious personality did end up getting the better of me. One of the last comments she made before she moved out was that she realized she didn't want to get married this early in her life and that she is sorry she realized this so late. She apologized for hurting me, but that doesn't heal the hole in my heart. She said she wants to live alone and make mistakes while she is still young. Maybe that's the answer I'm searching for. ...

Is this normal? I want to win her affection and loyalty back without being a persistent creep about it, but have since turned things over to God because that's what i feel comfortable doing. The heartache isn't as bad anymore and I can move on and do things for myself. This has been an exciting period of growth for me, but I have no true idea how she feels or looks at the situation now.

Two weeks before she left, she wrote me a note that reads, "Some things happened last night that I will never tell you about. The only reason I mention it at all is because it showed me how much I truly love you and don't want to live without you. You complete me..." et cetera... I was away out of town at work at the time, and she called crying her big brown eyes out while reading those four pages to me about how she misses me and loves me. I'm a bit confused because now she's gone and refuses to speak to me. Tells me I HAVE to stop calling her. ... I would generally send her a few text messages each day usually with no response.

What do you women make of this? Do libra women generally come back to the ones they love(d)? Thanks!
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Can you feel the fiyaaaa?! December 15th

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26 years old female •
Can you feel the fiyaaaa?! December 15th

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many thanks to both of yall. it took me a good while, but i can look at the situation now with more clarity. i had NO idea she possessed such magnitude of self respect and independence (and respect for me as well). i've basically been battling with my own insecurities of her running of with prince charming while away on work (which i suppose anything is possible). in short, i smothered this girl.

this is one knock-out female 4real let me tell ya. and she def has the charm and wit to go along with it. the whole package. 8) we'll see what progresses though it basically depends on how she still feels or perceives my moral renaissance. meanwhile, i have the house to myself. living room converted art studio hah.

i'm a patient dude and considerably more open-minded now when it comes to other peoples' freedoms. butter that's pretty important. if mine were stripped away because my partner didn't trust me, i would soon be irritated and looking to run away also haha.

in a large way, i'm thankful for this experience whatever the final outcome. thanks again.
rather, while i was away at work
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I'd say yes for me, if I loved you as a partner/lover i'd come back....

She said she wants to live alone and make mistakes while she is still young

This is something that is bugging her and she has to see for herself, we dont do things unless we are almost 100% sure that it is the right decision.

I dont fully understand the letter unless that was her way of letting you know how much she cares in the hope that you may wait for her to come to her senses. We want our cake and eat it plain and simple & if it doesn't work out for her you could be around to pick up where she left off!! I know that sounds very selfish but unfortunetly that's the way it is...I think alot of people can be like that.

Oh and if she has asked you not to contact her then dont! That will probably bug her more than anything...the act that you have gotten on with your life as if it meant nothing for her to have left in that manner. I would think that at some stage around 3 months or so she'll accidentally contact or run into you.

Play it cool-warm but not cold or hot...

My ex was a cancer...a dynamic relationship, I love him forever!
so she had a baby at 17? met you at 19?

sounds to me like she cheated...that note she read strongly insinuates that...the crying and the sudden breakup.

mayve she is just a messed up person.
she had the baby just after she turned 19. apparently a guy is living with her already or spending a lot of his time at her new place. i don't know what to make of it. i figure i'll just have to move on.
yeah she cheated.

sorry you got played like that.

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