taurus moon women! the super girly-girls lol

I have moon in Taurus and I am definitely a girly girl - I love make up & fashion! I refuse to step out of the house (even if it's a quick trip to the grocery store) unless I look 110%. I do like the comfort of my own home, and I am extremely loyal and faithful to loved ones. I am very stubborn and hate people telling/pushing me to do things. I am definitely very conservative (most prudish one out of all my gfs lol) but I do tend to get along with men more than females for the most part. One last thing that is spot on is that I hate men with wandering eyes - that is a total sign of disrespect and I would never be interested in someone like that because that trait would just turn me right off.
I think you're a super girly girl, not because you have a taurus moon sign but because of your leo rising and sun libra. Leos are super girly girls who like to dress up and are all about fashion. Taurus girls are more down-to-earth and natural. They are very feminine, and do like to be the mom and wife of the household like you said, but are not super girly like wanting to wear make-up and dressing super fancy. I have a moon in Taurus and I never wear make-up. I do dress up because of the fact that I have a Sun in Scorpio, but nonetheless I like to keep my face natural and when I'm not dressing up I am a very down-to-earth tomboy who plays rough with boys and likes to hang out more with guys rather than girls. It must be your libra and leo influences that make you super girly. I feel you are right about the rest of the information, though. Other than the girlyness you have it straight on!
im leo with taurus moon.
one of my best friends is leo with taurus moon,too. a chick, though.
most of it fits her pretty darn well! (oooghgawd... especially the jealousy thing)
shes super super crafty, and teaches me how to make a lot of things.
her and i are sort of.. well, we have a mini group of friends.
shes not so outwardly social, but she isnt shy at all.
she hates opening up to people, too. ":/
I would prefer to be around more women, but women are catty and I hate that. So I find myself feeling comfortable around men, or friending them.

I love my Taurus moon
Let's see I love to dress up and be girly, but I like to also keep it simple and "natural". Not like some girls who overdress, or wear heels to the supermarket with tons of makeup. Thats not me. I've had a sag tell me I am materialistic. I am not big on name brands and I really am the opposite of someone who flaunts, but I DO like to keep my closet full....and my belly too lol. Oh, and my wallet while I'm at it. I do love to travel even though I see my home as my safety place. I am also really shy and quiet. I think thats the part I dislike most. It's hard for me to open up to people I dont know. I am a keep to myself type of person, so I find it hard to be outgoing and friendly, although I do have that side in me when I am comfortable.

I don't really get jealous. If I do, I reassure myself as to why I should NOT be jealous. To go off this I am not very competitive, so if guy I am seeing is flirting with another girl I know its just that and if he likes her, then I say to myself he is a fool and keep it moving lol.

I find that I do tend to "give" of myself too quickly in romantic relationships. I get excited or attached too quickly (but I am NOT clingly). This has caused me a lot of heartache, and I am learning to take it one step at a time. Of course, I dream of my soul mate even though I am having a hard time with these fellas out here.
It seems that a lot of taurus women like to be around guys more than girls, why is that?

I do love taurus moon women, some of the most well rounded and beautiful women inside and out!

I'm a Capricorn moon
this is me. whether i'm dressed up or casual as can be i'm in tune with my femininity. i'm also extrememly influenced by nature and i'll feel out of balance if i'm spending too much time indoors with no sunlight. i have more guy freinds than girls but i would be lost without my girl friends, i need to be connected to the female psyche/emotions. and when i get my heartbroken i crash and burn, unfortunately /: thanks for the article, melanie (:

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Yes, they are super girly girls!
I know exactly 3 Taurus Moon women and they are glamorous with a capital G.
In my experience Virgo and Cap Moon women are pretty girly too.
well thanks I guess! lmfao

I think that depends on the rest of their charts. I do know what you mean I have met people with the personality of a turnip.
Taurus mooners are my least favourite people, a bit too emotionally bland for my liking, you dont see much spark in them really. Maybe TOO stable.
^^I can relate to most of what you said there
Well I'm not girly-girly. I can give two flippy flops about what is fashionable. I despise skirts and heels. Now I am feminine more so by my gestures and the way I hold myself. That maybe because I'm a mermaid and Leo rising. Some of my closest friends were male because I find women to be caddy. I don't really wear make up unless I'm going out and don't do jewelry. I wear t-shirts and jeans and sneakers and feel just fine, dandy and sexy in that. I get plenty of looks from just that....maybe it's the Leo rising that helps with that. Dunno.

I can be a bit possessive but I keep that to myself. I used to be jealous when my ex used to look at other women but I got used to that so that doesn't bother me now. I just scope out the manscape myself. lol or I'll just walk away and do my own thing. Just as long as they aren't trying to get any from anyone else I can deal.

Not really territorial...the more the merrier. Now I will agree to wanting to garden and I do enjoy playing hostess...when my sister has a party I do notice I'm the one greeting and making sure everything is in order more so than my sister.

I love to travel, spontaneity is wonderful and I relish it. I do enjoy my home but I have a need to get the hell out of it and be with people of all kinds or I'll go crazy. I do hate competition with the opposite sex so if a guy has 29 million girls looking and flirting with him I loose interest period end of story no matter what. I dunno why.

I do love the park and being around nature, I will stop and look at the sky and just take it in with awe and inspiration. Never judgmental. I can be shy...depends on the situation sometimes my leo kicks the door down and lets my personality shine and I don't give any kind of flippy flops what others think. I try new food all the time and god how I adore some good grub. A man that can cook is sexy as all treetr*nk. I am intensely faithful and expect my partner to be the same. I am very well aware a partner can leave at any place, and time, buttere happens and you can't stop that. It hurts but people fall out of love all the time. I do have plenty of virgo in my chart so I have various scenarios running thru my mind at any given time. But I don't do short relationships. I do have a sensitive nose.
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