Do Pisces Men Like the Chase?? :)

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Is there anything really a Libra girl could do to get a Pisces man back?

We broke up in June & a month later he asked for time to himself to figure things out, & he keeps coming around??_ We hung out one night, then I continued to give him his space, & 3 days later, he asks if I??m mad at him! Its like he wants to talk to me & see me, & possibly try a relationship again, but wont make a real move to do it. We broke up because I accused him of cheating on me. He feels that I dont trust him & that I??m not ready for a relationship??_I??ve learned alot about myself in the past couple of months??_and I??m willing to work things out.

I was just curious if they like to be chased?
Every other guy I??ve dated has cut ties after a breakup, & that was that. Not this Pisces though. I??m trying to understand a little better!

I actually wrote him a letter last week (nothing too mushy) where I apologized for a couple of things that I did in the relationship, & wrote a few nice things. I put it in a cute card & gave it to him at work. It was a good letter, honestly...he said I was beautiful & he wants to talk to me about a couple of things. Yet when I tried to get him to meet up with me, he had to work all day & was supposed to call me when he got off...and DIDNT! its very frustrating...his mixed signals. I'd really like to hear what he has to say & somehow gently ask him what he wants from me. I'm an all-or-nothing person. He either wants me or he doesnt at this point...

So I finally texted him yesterday asking him when he's free -- & if I need to be the one to keep asking him or if he'll let me know when(yes, kinda mean). Then he started apologizing & being nice to me, blaming it on work....hes a restaurant manager still learning the ropes...he told me he'd let me know when. Then he called me when he got off work last night & we talked for a long time as we did when we were together. He kept saying he wanted to see me & that he wished I were there with him. He said he'd see me this weekend for us to talk...

IDK if he is trying to slowly work his way back to a relationship with me (testing the waters), is completely confused & is just coming off as playing games with me, or he doesn't know how to let me go...????

IDK if Libra & Pisces are really that well together anyways!

Anyone have any insight/suggestions?

Thanks alot!
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you know....well that's me :D
The same as Pisco. I'm a pisces woman, and I'm easily bored with men. Don't know about libra, but my virguy isn't an easy catch and he keeps me sharp and intruiged, and I don't think I'm bored easily with him. I think for piscean men, they want to feel special to someone. Chase them is a feeling of being special, that you think they're worth your chase.
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i am definitely the type who likes to be chased...but when i really like someone, I will sometimes contact them first and arrange to meet up with them!
ALOT of girls are like "just ignore him, wait for him to call you and to talk to you." and those girls would NEVER call a man or text them first, etc. Idk, I just kind of think that's a game! If i want to talk to the guy, I should just be able to talk to them without them worrying about me looking desperate! haha

I think me giving him the letter/card was my way of "pursuing" him, because he really appreciated it. This was my way of finally giving him a clue that I really do care that we havent really been in contact for the past was my way of saying that I missed what we had (in a non-threatening way, I think).

I just really didn't want to come across too strong, or push him too far so that he swims away lol
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Libra's just think too much!! I read somewhere where it said about Libras...
if you hang out with me every saturday for 3 weeks in a row, and the 4th you dont, we question why? I especially analyze everything and think way too much lol
We THINK what we are feeling, but have a hard time SAYING/EXPRESSING it...well for me anyways. So I guess to someone else who isn't a Libra, they may think that when we say "I like you", its not genuine because we aren't expressing it.
I'm such a deep emotional feeler'd never know it, unless you asked me to write it out. That's a different story.

Water signs, on the other hand, are confusing to me...maybe it's because I'm so overwhelmed thinking about what something means or what I should/shouldn't have said -- that I can't embrace their emotions/feelings. IDK!!
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hmmm this may help...
Moon in Sagittarius, Venus in Libra

funny thing, he has Moon in Sagittarius and Venus in Aries

But I only have 1 water sign...and that's Scorpio in Pluto? lol whatever that means...
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By the way, does anyone have any advice on my relationship situation? What do you guys think? just curious...Thanks!
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never been with a libra sexually, but i have talked to a couple and it felt like i was talking to a brick wall..

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Sex with libra was good but they dont see the value of the emotions we present. It takes more than an apology when you make such a grievous error. A gesture that speaks much louder than anything you could say. The chase is interesting i need the woman to really show initial interest at first. Then ill put on the cleats. But if you come off as to weak i lose interest.

If the sex is good or amazing and we feel connected its rare for us to stray. If your nonchalant about your relationship rekindling he probably senses it. Your actually going to have to believe that you want it back when you write him or speak to him. Hes hanging around so theres something but what is up to you.

Hes got all the time in the world as well time doesnt exist. Might want to read up on him in greater detail so you have the basics at hand eh?

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