Pisces Are Gay

Every dude I've known who turned out to be a closet homo was a Pisces, jussayin.

Pisces dudes go through some emo/macho phase during middle school and high school trying to convince everyone they are super straight & hard. Then when everyone else is leaving their emo volatile stage and going into the real manhood, of the 3 pisces dudes I've known, they instead go into self-implosion and go through the butter we go through at 14 at like 19-23. After that they get hooked on drugs, drop up out of school, and have emotional tantrums where they suck a dick. You only get snippets of this through the needy 'girl' talk they force you into, and then at a certain point you cut them off and stop talking their calls. Then you go to redtube.com and see them in some banner for gay interracial gangbang porn, with some sad martyr face... and you can only wish the best.

The exception to this are the end of Pisces Arian types, but even of them, I've known a rugby player dude with that birthday, who seemed super straight, but then we went to Saint Louis, (and he knew noone there) and would get dropped off for our games in the morning by random dudes noone had ever seen before with Missouri plates.

When asked about it, he would give us a line of bullbutter saying "Ya me and Vance, met at this bar called Tom's, we both hooked up with some CHICKS and in the morning after screwing these broads, he was cool enough to ride me, I mean, drive me home. You get laid last nite."

I mean, case and point, you ever met a pisces guy who wasn't secretly gay? Do they exist?
My father? No. Most of the Pisces men here? Nope. Confident enough to joke about it? Oh yes.

That's not cool to generalize a sign and called them gay because of it being a virgo u should know better at times i can see why most people dislike virgos because that stupid trait.

You almost might wanna think about what you said carefully pisces is the opposite sign of virgo and also virgo is feminine sign as well in case you forgot.

you know how masculine sign suns feel about feminine sun signs they see them as weak and gay lmfao.

peace out back to work.

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Biter..this thread has already been done by Dy.

lmao tell him SV lol.
Posted by Beetleguese
People that even give a nanosecond's thought to whether someone is gay and furthermore act as though homosexuals are somehow inferior, tend to be homophobic from my observations, and here's my stereotypical generalization; homophobes are the biggest closet gays of them all, just sayin'

Why the fascination with where another guy chooses to put his chicken? Seems like a heterosexual would be thinking about his own chicken and where he'd like it to be going *shrugs*

3 out of millions if not billions of all pisceans to ever live are/were gay, so naturally they all are. Interesting statistical analysis.

i was about to say the same thing, except it would've been a lot more derogatory...

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Statistics aren't measured by all there ever was ... JesustreetrunkingChrist .. I detest the fact that stupid people are allowed to communicate.

I concur with OP ... Pisces males are more prone to homosexuality than the other 11 signs, according to the statistics of the people I know.

Fact, every Pisces male I know in the RW likes men.

Prince_Pisces just proved the thread
PP - you're gay??? No way

You are the poster boy for Pisces men LOL

This is why we luv ya!!!
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