Pisces Disappearing Act?!?!

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Do any other Pisces do a disappearing act?

My brother is a Pisces. He routinely gets involved in "monogamous" relationships and/or marriage. Yes I know what I just typed.

He will be very loyal, faithful, loving, attentive, and just gushing with mushy emotions for his partner for a few months to a year or so. Then he will either check out people on the internet or get involved with people in real life and ultimately leave his partner just out of the blue.

I think he did it again recently because I can't find him. He'll usually turn up a few weeks or months later with a brand new "love of his life" until he repeats this again. And he's not a young kid either. He's 34. Been married 3 times. Oh, he's currently married actually. Has 3 kids from other ex wives, 1 that he claims he never knew about (even though he told me about it years ago), and one on the way with the most recent wife.

Sorry for the rambling, I'm just trying to understand and want to know if any other Pisces do this too. I also realize it may have absolutely nothing to do with astrology and everything to do with him just being really messed up.

Thanks in advance.
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Evo Fish

Definate slave to my astrological profil

Sad to say, but yeah, that pretty much sounds like a Pisces male, in a nutshell lol.Caring, loyal, all that jazz, but the disadvantage is, if the relationhsip falls into a routine, is when the male will start to stray.male pisces, needs change, every few months.We HATE predictablity, and continous cycoes,Nothing is more thrilling thana new love interest, new relationship, the courting period, and first few months of bliss,

Then the sad part comes, it gets boring, and we look for a new thrill in life.
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Nothing unexplainable.

He's experimenting!
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"If you call that experimenting haffo your sick. I call that ruining lives."

There is a side effect for experiments.lol.

Yeah I agree, experimenting at the cost of ruining others lives does suck.
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35 years old female

Sun in Scorpio (The Sun is in Scorpio f

Hes a ho pisces...wouldn't really say its all male pisces though.Theres one male pisces I know,who whenever one of his exs shows up you can almost always count on him to get back with the ex and break up with the current girlfriend/once already an ex and back and forth through all of his serious exs(4) repeatedly.
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35 years old female

Sun in Scorpio (The Sun is in Scorpio f

To say its a pisces male trait would be nothing more than a generalization,I know some who are very loyal and stick to relationships for years even in all the messy,tight,etc. spots.Also know some virgin male pisces or remained virgins forever cause they simply didn't like most females that were single.

However at the same time know another pisces dude(lots and lost of fish around me lol)who kinda flips a coin everytime one of his 4 serious ex's come around.Hes always back and forth between all of them everytime he gets bored,sentimental about the other one or whatever else at that time with the one hes currently with.

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35 years old female

Sun in Scorpio (The Sun is in Scorpio f

uh-huh,I hate that.The first one doesn't come up so retry it and then both come up.lol-the double post part!
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Thanks for the answers all.

The part that bothers me the most about it is seeing how badly the women and children get hurt. It's like they're just toys to him. I don't know how many women I've had calling me crying about him. And I don't get to see ANY of my nieces or nephews because once he burns their mothers, they cut off from his whole family.

I wouldn't try to generalize it as a Pisces male trait, but I *was* curious to see if others had encountered this sort of behavior in a Pisces. I always thought Pisces to be very sweet, soft, daydreamy, loving, and romantic. My brother is like that for a minute, then he attacks the person he once loved and leaves them for someone else.

I don't know. It just sucks.
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if i can give you some advice just donīt put pressure on them and try to play mind games with them. confuse a pisces man and you will get his attention.

be smarter then him, even more unpredictable, and show you are strong no matter what.

leave him hanging, drive him mad...
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sun sign: cancer moon sign: leo mer

interesting advice capricorn - my love interest is moon in pisces so i will do the mind games things- maybe it will make things intersting...

well my dad is a pisces sun and i heard from my mom that b4 they got married he was the heart throb in her area - i think she gave him a hard time when they dated - she never slept wit him till they got married - they knew each other for like 5 yrs b4 marryin but they broke up half way thru when he went away to school - so yea b4 marriage he was a big play boy but as far as being married to my mother - as far as i kno there has never been any cheating - my mom is a scorp
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Yeah...pisces are siad to be like that, especially the dudes. Most don't get that no matter where their sailboat takes them on the high seas of passion, love, romance that the scenery will always look old after a while. This is why such quintessential pisceans such as Liz Taylor has been married so many times and is still into this. Fish benefit from a strong earth influence in this regard, they tend to wander less as it grounds them out. I have moon in capricorn so while I'm definitely still a traveler of sorts, at least in theory, I don't find that cheating on lovers or dropping them once infatuation fades to be acceptable.
When the varnish fades on a greatly admired piece of furniture you can toss it out and get something new or you can re-finish the it. I think love is similar. Keep the fire burning where you are with imagination followed by action.
Otherwise, a pointless life of serial monogamy will ensue with pisces in the lead role. You'll end up old and ugly, with either a broken twat or a calloused peter; and you'll be lonely as hell to boot. Swim well, minnows!

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