Pisces boy & Scorpio Girl - Together forever?

Hi everybody! Read many threads on Scorpio-Pisces relationships but people are so different so thought about asking you guys!

I met this gorgeous and cute guy 4 months ago and we instantly clicked! It was amazing! He's super sensitive and totally caring, (too good to be true)! The sex is always amazing coz he knows how to please a woman! However out of the bedroom I feel he lacks romance and seems somewhat distant & aloof! Scares me to be honest coz it feels like he doesn't care & isn't too enthusiastic (not sure of the spellings ) about us.....

Maybe I can get some response on whether scorpio-Pisces relationships are meant to work since I'm too possessive and craving attention & romance while he lacks those (out of the bedroom, if you know what I mean )

Also have heard pisces guys aren't too good for a scorpio woman at times since she prefers stronger and more persistant men?? But it does seem to work in reverse with a guy being scorp and girl being a fish? Is that so?
Lil-Scorp, I think you ought to show him more love and appreciation (out of the bedroom too) and maybe he'll be romantic and loving ALL OF THE TIME!

I think you need to communicate more, ask him and discuss what bothers you and maybe you'll find that he does really care about you, even when he seems distant, etc who knows!

Ian: What do you mean by 'we seem distant even though we are staring you in the eyes'? Does that mean you think of her and of something or someone else too at the same time? Is this a normal pisces thingy?
"Which is it? one minute you say hes to good to be true the next you say he doesnt care..
i would guess its that hes totally caring and sensitive like you said.. and maybe he just has trouble expressing these traits to you 24 hours a day.. it can be draining ya know..
sometimes we seem distant even though we are staring you in the eyes.."

Yes, I think I need his attention 24/7!


Maybe it's bc I'm insecure and want him to tell me all the time that he loves & cares for me...guess I'm too demanding emotionally.. But it's nice to feel the romance and closeness in everyday living and not just during sex..!
Cannemma:"I think you ought to show him more love and appreciation (out of the bedroom too) and maybe he'll be romantic and loving ALL OF THE TIME"

Yeh, I think I do that but he still seems distant and so unromantic at times! Don't get me wrong, he's amazing at sex but another person when we are not at it..know what I'm sayin? Surely a lil more display of affection won't hurt but I've to get this across to him somehow! The problem is>>>>>> HOW?!!

Pisces like Cancer are not passionate signs Scorpio is unique that way but the platitude is rather different when compared with Fire signs cos Fire is passionate on the fire platitude.
Surely a lil more display of affection won't hurt but I've to get this across to him somehow! The problem is>>>>>> HOW?!!

I Just told you HOW!! TALK TO HIM! Tell him what you really feel; that his aloofness is 'scaring' you, etc...and see what he says!

Sorry but you seem to be a lil too paranoid about it all!
If you want constant warmth and cuddling and hugging reaaurance uf I don't know Pisces? Its like uh expecting something as rebellious as a Mutable Sagittarius woman to conform to the fixity of a Leo man see? No way just cos of superficial trine compatability I don't think that most Sag chicks are gonna conform to Leo men.
Shattered Dreamz, so this 'escapism', as you say, is harmless? Does it imply that the guy is still there and his daydreaming is not affecting your relationship and your together-ness in any way?

I know Lil-Scorp seems to be too paranoid and all, but I was just wondering if pisces guys are really romantic.. What if the idea of romance is appealing to them but not the reality of it, if you know what I mean?

Lil_scorp, it could be that he wants to display his love and 'romance'to you but can not for some reason coz he's not familiar with the idea of displaying his emotions as openly as a Scorpio maybe?

^^^ Shattered Dreamz, do you agree with that?
Ian, thanks for the details! Appreciated!

So that means that my pisces guy might be thinking of me and still I might perceive him to be distant and cold?! Darn, that's Bad! I don't want to do that! But good thing to keep in mind for the future!

Lil_scorp, I'd talk to him and if I were you, I'd take Ianthefish's words literally! Whenever your pisces seems distant just think of it as him thinking of YOU! Hehe! Tht's wld be a very conforting thought!
Shattered dreamz: ".. because if he's sensing that she's being a bit demanding of his emotions, then surely he won't deliver on demand because Pisceans don't do that..."

I understand what you saying there!I'd never want be demanding with my Pisces! I'd want to love him and try to understand him in every possible scenario!
GemGal, I'm not a 'clingy person' and I don't think I have ever been!

And what makes you think I may not be ready for a relationship at this stage? Why can't it be that I just simply crave some extra attention & love from my pisces-guy? Is that wrong?

Ok, I understand that I need to give his dreamy nature sometime, etc, but then maybe he's not too romantic or feels absurd displaying emotions in other aspects of our relationship!Well i've to decide whether i can live with his 10 and 7 fluctuation or find someone else who is a constant 7, like Ian says!
cannemma: No offence taken! I understand maybe I'm being too demanding! But aren't most scorpios!!??
gemgal, thank you for your insights into this whole thing! i'm seeing what you trying to say. I understand completely.. I know that sometimes I do want my space too but why is it that i feel a lil selfish when it comes to him asking for his space?! That's wrong and I know but I feel like he's not interested etc while I behave somwwhat similar...


I think I need to respect his nature & ACCEPT him the way he is if I intend to be with him I guess.

Thanks people for all your input and for being patient enough to bear with me!

Let's see how it goes & will get back to you guys on any new developments!
BTW, Is it true that the more you cling to a Pisces the more they are likely to run off,


the more you present yourself as independant the more they wanna stick to you?

I've heard pisces men like stronger women & are attracted to those who they feel don't really NEED the P-guy!
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