Pisces = most annoying sign ever

Jesus never existed.

Ofcourse there must be some good pisces, however they are few compared to all of the ones that are total tools.

"I told them i wasn't into them hell i even told them i was a lesbian to make them go away."

Which of course .. all us women know that this actually draws men in. When we tell men that we eat kitty, they are then more sexually attracted.

You're leading them on .. and know it = player.

Scorpio ... sounds like a Scorpio female.
Ive experienced some of the same issue h8pisces is speaking of from a few pisces men.
Gemini female would do this also.
They can be very determined when they want something they cant have.
Why is it that you keep attracting so many Pisces men in the first place? It could be that YOU are a major factor in why things don't seem to work out
Sounds like you can't get enough of them. Hell, after about 2 or 3 bad experiences with different guys with the SAME sign in the Zodiac, I'll keep it moving & assume that maybe at that time in my life, we just aren't compatible with that particular sign relationship or love wise. One would think that after a couple Pisces (since you claim your experiences with them were all about the same) you would've woke up & saw that maybe you & Pisces just don't mix well & kept it moving. But seems like to me that you KEPT not only attraction Pisces, but kept allowing yourself to deal with them or certain traits that were never compatible with your personality & how you do things.
But don't get me wrong...I, personally have not had that many good experiences with Pisces either. I have found them to be extremely loyal, which can get annoying when they like you wayyyyy more than you like them (because they never leave you alone). I have found SOME to be know-it-alls, very sensitive to everything I say or do (can't ever take a joke) & extremely dependent on others (friends, family, co-workers). But you know what, I know not ALL Pisces are that way but all I can deal with is the fact that the Pisces I've dated WERE this way. So to fix that, I stopped dating them for the time being. And don't get me wrong, if the man that is really meant for me ("The one") happens to be a Pisces, I'll go for it but after too many bad experiences with them, I can't help that Pisces are attracted to me, but I CAN help if I actually let them "in" & actually decide to deal with them or not. And I think you've chosen to deal with them every single time, even after knowing that your past experiences with them weren't so good so in a way, that's kind of YOUR fault. What you see is what you get.
See this proves my point on how THICK PISCES IS. DID ANY OF YOU READ ANYTHING I WROTE?!
AND NO I'M NOT A SCORPIO. Scorpio is the other sign I can't stand.

I said I just dated ONE of these Pisces. The rest are friends that keep on pursuing me. AND NO TELLING A GUY YOU'RE BI IS ASKING TO BE CHASED. I told them I was a LESBIAN that i hated men and no interest in men found the sight of penis revolting and that they should treetrunk off. I'm soooooooooo teasing them. NOT. I only dated ONE pisces, like i said the rest are just friends.

Now that I think of it, there was this girl that was a pisces that was interested in me. She kept pursuing me for a while too but she eventually stopped. She kept wanting me to have a threesome with her boyfriend. Ew. Also the guy pisces that i was seeing also wanted a threesome. WHAT'S WITH PISCES AND THREESOMES?!!!
Somebody has an issue with Attention Seeking .... and thinks everybody wants her.


Only Pisces apparently.
H8Pisces....Maybe you're just incredibly good looking! That might be a reason the Pisces world is naturally drawn to you. And regardless of how many Pisces you've been in a relationship with OR friendships with...the point is, YOU complained about the Pisces a whole based on your experiences with them. People attract different signs when it comes to friendships too. People in friendships show their true colors & show their annoying traits in friendships just like they do in relationships so either way, it's all the same. Hell, even in friendships, if you haven't had that many good experiences with Pisces, then keep that in mind the next time a Pisces "friend" approaches you or before you decide to get close with them. It's all the same. Same princple, different situation
YOU TAKE THAT BACK YOU sparkle motion PISCES!!! I will not take back my topic because it's 100 percent TRUE. It's MY experience with pisces. SO STFU
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