Is it possible to get a Virgo to chase you?

i've had a crush on this virgo guy for a year....FINALLY he gave me his number....and FINALLLy he came to a party I invited him to...he told me he had a good time and we should hang out again. He said "im not going anywhere" so they'll be plenty of time. But I feel like im doing all the pursuing....He seems interested when we have a conversation..but never inniciates it. Its so frustrating. Should i Just give up?
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"Im just a woman. I am very empathetic and kind. I trust too easy,and yet i alw
You will need to make a initiation. Virgo "the virgin" the innocent act. Yea. they arent into chasing,and they can be shy. Just tell him how you feel. Straight out!
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"Vir-sun, Leo-ris, Sco-moo"
Posted by nnerBeauty
Is it possible to get a Virgo to chase you?

Yes. Print-out his favourite spreadsheet, then wave it at him and run away.

Posted by Let*It*Be
The golden ticket toward a relationship with a Virgo is PATIENCE.

Unless that Virgo happens to be me, in which case, get the f**k on with it!!!!!

Seriously though... can't speak for all VirGuys, but I love to be predated-upon by a woman... to feel desired, wanted, etc. The best way to win me over is to make me feel that you can't resist me and will drop the "man has to chase woman" protocol because you want me so badly that you can't help yourself.
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How to get a Virgo to chase you... maybe you could kick him in the butt. That might make him chase you.

But seriously you seem a little frustrated and it would appear that your patience is running thing. "Should I just give up?" I don't know the answer to that, only you really do. Its your life and you decide what you do. If you really want this guy then tell him straight and see what he thinks or feels about you. Maybe he wants to initate things but isn't sure on what you might say.

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