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Sun: Aries Moon: Pisces Mercury: Aries Venus: Pisces Mars: Pisces
You guys, I need your help. I dont know the guys birth time, but this is his chart;

Sun Pisces 6.39
Moon Cancer 27.13
Mercury Pisces 3.01
Venus Aries 4.12
Mars Gemini 12.15
Jupiter Leo 5.13 R
Saturn Aquarius 2.06
Uranus Capricorn 12.43
Neptune Capricorn 16.03
Pluto Scorpio 20.23 R
Lilith Sagittarius 23.20
Asc node Capricorn 27.40

My question is, what is the best way to get this guy really interested?
I already know he is kind of interested in me (he didnt tell me because he's way too shy), but well I dont know how to make him feel comfortable. He is really shy..
Any advices?
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" Give me my close friends, a good book and a good drink.. im satisfied :) ~~~
Posted by ianthepisces
put yourself out there...

give him a piece of yourself..

put your heart on the line..

tell him your interested..

be genuine..

he should follow suite...

i second this motion!!!!
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Sun: Aries Moon: Pisces Mercury: Aries Venus: Pisces Mars: Pisces
57 years old female •
Sun Pisces
Moon Cancer
Mercury Aries
Venus Aries
Mars Gemini

Besides his Mercury, his personal planets are same as mine .... and I am far from shy.
57 years old female •
Since his Mars is in Gemini, he'll be turned on and VERY interested if you stimulate his mind.
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Sun: Aries Moon: Pisces Mercury: Aries Venus: Pisces Mars: Pisces
That's weird, because he is really shy.. I guess there are other aspects in his chart that makes him shy.
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Sun: Aries Moon: Pisces Mercury: Aries Venus: Pisces Mars: Pisces
Oh I just saw that you had your mercury in Aries. I think that's why you aren't shy, but he has Mercury in Pisces. So there's the difference.

Btw, do you have any ideas or subject I could talk about to really stimulate his mind? Should I talk about stuff he likes?
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Sun: Aries Moon: Pisces Mercury: Aries Venus: Pisces Mars: Pisces
Wow, we now talked for like four hours and he asked me out on a date. Thank you for advices
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"Totally freakin' awesome, LOVE being me! Posted by caligula
I too am similar to this guy.. my Pisces Mercury doesn't make me shy.. it makes me think in kaleidoscope images, abstracts, and feelings... but not shy. (And here comes the underwater Marine speak that's trademark of Pisces communication...)

However... I have heard people say they thought I was a bit shy at first, until they got to know me better and realized how far off base they were in their initial assessment. Which always baffled me. I'm NOT shy.. in fact, I'm pretty close to the "fearless" that people usually end up changing the "shy" to. It took me a long time to figure out that what some were misinterpreting as "shy" was really the way I'm a bit quiet at first. I look around, I observe. I'm not loud, brash, flitting all over the place and gabbing everyone's ear off - but I can and do speak warmly and openly with anyone who cares to do so, yet I don't seem to put effort into the social "norms" that others are used to putting so much stock into.. I don't mingle and laugh long and loud and strive to make a good impression, to make people like me... And once you get past your initial impression of my "shyness" because I sit quietly, not seeking the spotlight, not initiating the connections that develop naturally, you'll realize I'm the furthest thing from shy. But even in social settings, I am watching and observing, feeling all with my little Pisces psychic antennae... think smoldering embers rather than huge bonfire. I pick up so much about people, just by observing.. and I can listen better when I'm not running my mouth. And rest assured, by the end of our first encounter, I will know enough about you and about your character underneath (including stuff you DIDN'T think you said, but I HEARD loud and clear) to surprise you.. and possibly make you a bit uncomfortable and even as baffled as I was when you originally told someone you think I'm "shy." LOL
44 years old female from Michigan •
"Totally freakin' awesome, LOVE being me! Posted by caligula
Oh, P.S... that's why I eventually seem so "unshy" later on... like in a social setting where I already have taken stock of everyone.. people I know and are comfortable with, then my more open "social" side comes out.. and THAT'S when people say, "Whoa.. hey.. I kinda thought you were shy when I first met you.. but you aren't, are you?".. simply because I'm not as QUIET (observing) and I'm more .. proactive and initiating in the conversations and connections.
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Nefer: Really interesting to read! Well, it's not impossible this guy is like that too. He told me he observed me several times, when I didn't even noticed it. Every time I looked his way, he wasn't looking at me. He must have really good control, to do that without me noticing.
Other than that, he is wonderful. I've only been with fire guys or earth guys so this is like a whole new world.
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He is really like that too. He wants to talk to me every minute of every day. I love that!
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Yeah well.. I've already noticed that he is very emotional, kind of clingy and all that you said, but well I dont know. The last couple of guys I've been with was the total opposite of him and it didn't really work out because they didn't get me when I talked about emotional stuff, so this is really something new, that someone finally understands me.

I have only been in relationships with guys that gave me a lot of space (sometimes too much lol), so this should be interesting. I am an Sun, Moon and Mercury Aries. Lol, I would love to be treated as a goddess but dont know about the 24/7. Well I dont want to already think he would be like that, only by looking at his chart, he do have Aries in Venus and Gemini in Mars, maybe that'll make him less clingy? Well, I'll just wait and see.

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